Best & Fastest Way To Get Minecraft XP (Farming Guide) 2023

Read this guide to learn all you need to do about getting XP fast in Minecraft.

Knowing how to correctly farm XP in Minecraft can help you level up and gain XP really quickly in the game. Doing so can then help you progress faster than the rest, opening a world of different possibilities for your gaming experience. With the right steps, you can easily find yourself farming loads of XP pretty much effortlessly. What’s that you say? You’re having trouble figuring out how you can level up and gain XP by farming it? Well, that’s nothing to worry about anymore, because this guide will take care of all of those questions and more. Keep reading to learn what you need to do to get your hands on large amounts of XP really fast.

How to Get XP fast in Minecraft (2023) – Best Ways to Level Up


Cactus & Bamboo Farm in Minecraft – Ingredients

  • 69 x Any blocks of your choice
  • 6 x Chests
  • 35 x Hoppers
  • 7 x Furnaces
  • 9 x Levers
  • 34 x Stone Blocks
  • 24 x Rails
  • 26 x Powered Rails
  • 2 x Detector Rails
  • 2 x Minecart with Hopper
  • 4 x Redstone Repeaters
  • 2 x Redstone Torches
  • 2 x Sticky Pistons
  • 10 x Redstone Dust
  • 10 x Bamboo
  • 2 x Redstone Blocks
  • 10 x Cactus

Enderman Farm – Ingredients Required

  • 10 x Stacks of leaves
  • 4 x Stacks of Enderpearls
  • 32 x Slabs
  • 32 x String
  • 6 x Hoppers
  • 2 x Chests
  • 2 x Stacks of Carpet
  • 1 x Water Bucket
  • 1 x Lava Bucket
  • 5 x Torches
  • 2 x Stacks of Blocks
  • 8 x Fences
  • 6 x Trap Doors
  • 2 x Rails
  • 1 x Minecart
  • 1 x Name Tag

Guardian Farm in Minecraft – Ingredients Required

  • 1015 x Glass
  • 1008 x Soul Sand
  • 1364 x Blocks of Choice
  • 188 x Hoppers
  • 144 x Soul Campfires
  • 80 x Chests
  • 9 x Slabs
  • 58 x Torches
  • 4 x Targets
  • 4 x Redstone Comparators and Repeaters 4 x Droppers
  • 8 x Redstone Dust

As you can see, these are the 3 best farms you can use to acquire XP in Minecraft. While there are plenty of other farming methods and farms in the game, we recommend these three because of their effectiveness.

How to Level Up & Earn XP Quickly in Minecraft?


One of the first and most obvious ways to get your hands on XP is by mining in Minecraft. This is also arguably the fastest method to earn XP in the game. We recommend you spend the first night in the game mining from inside your house rather than simply sleep.

Killing Hostile Mobs

As the name suggests, hostile mobs are mobs that pose a risk to your safe existence in Minecraft. If you do come across these ghastly creatures, you should kill them to quickly earn some XP. Some Minecraft players even go as far as creating hostile mob farms teeming with enemy mobs. They then proceed to kill these mobs in order to get loads of XP at one time.

Additionally, you can also kill the Enderdragon – the head mob – to get a big number of XP.

Through Animals

Just like in real life, animals can be quite beneficial in Minecraft too. Breeding animals can yield XP in the form of a dropped orb each time a baby animal is born. Just like with the hostile mobs, you can multiply the potential XP by breeding several animals at once to increase the XP you receive. You can create animal farms in Minecraft and enhance your chances of earning XP fast.

Another way to get XP from animals is by fishing. You will be pleased to know that you can earn XP even if you simply reel a fish. This means that even if you choose to not catch the fish, you will still gain some XP just because you reeled it in. All you need to fish is a fishing rod (duh), the right place to fish, and a lot of patience (no seriously, a lot of patience)


In Minecraft, smelting is the process of cooking food or ores inside a furnace. To you and me, smelting is also a huge source of XP, which is why this process finds its way into this guide. Quite obviously, smelting gold and iron will give you significantly higher amounts of XP than other materials.

Likewise, you can also earn XP by cooking meat. This will also increase your saturation points and hunger.

And that’s about it. If you are looking for the easiest ways to farm and earn XP and level up fast in Minecraft, these are the things you will need to do. And yes, while the entire process of farming might come across as tedious and boring, it’s actually really good fun. We gave it a hand ourselves and found the process of farming XP to be quite satisfying. So now that you know all the different ways to quickly gain loads of XP, don’t wait anymore. Go out there and mine!

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