How To Download, Get & Play Minecraft On Chromebook

Here's how to download, get & play standard Minecraft & Education Edition on Chromebook.

Minecraft has become an integral part of education and student life with the ability to teach life skills, business principles, problem-solving, and even creativity. So if your educational institute has not added Minecraft as part of your education system, there is no harm in playing the game outside of your learning hours. So today we will look into how to download, get & play standard Minecraft & Education Edition on Chromebook.

Also, note that Minecraft will not run on Chromebook unless you have installed Linux in it. Chromebook’s Chrome OS is optimized to play Minecraft the way it is right now. But today we will focus on workarounds by rooting the device.

How to Download & Get Minecraft for Chromebook

How to Download & Get Minecraft Education Edition for Chromebook

Here’s how to download & get Minecraft for Chromebook:

  1. First, go to “Settings”
  2. Then open the “Developers” option from the left side
  3. Now enable “Linux (beta)”
  4. Complete the on-screen steps
  5. Now Run the below commands:
    • sudo apt-get update
    • sudo apt-get upgrade
  6.  Also run the following command (also if the installation fails, and to restart)
    • sudo apt-get install default-jdk
  7. Now you need to enable Mouse Lock (Pointer Lock) flag
    • chrome://flags/#exo-pointer-lock
  8. Log in to the official Minecraft site
  9. From Games, select “Minecraft”
  10. Click on “Get Minecraft”
  11. Then select “Computer”, then “Linux”, and “Download”
  12. This will download the “minecraft.deb” file
  13. Open the “My Files” app and move the deb file into the “Linux files” tab from left
  14. Click on it and install
  15. After a while, open your Launcher
  16. Press on the “Up arrow” key
  17. Go down to find Linux apps in the launcher
  18. Now open “Minecraft”
  19. Sign in with your account and play

How to Play Minecraft Education Edition on Chromebook?

Unlike the standard versions, Minecraft Education Edition will run on Chromebook without any rooting or major workarounds. So here’s how to download, get & play Minecraft Education Edition On Chromebook:

  1. Open “Settings” on Chromebook
  2. Find the “Google Play Store” option
  3. Click on the “Turn on” button
  4. Now open “Play Store” on your Chromebook
  5. Search for Minecraft Education Edition
  6. Use your school account to log in
  7. You can log in 10 times for free
  8. After this trial, you will have to pay for the full version

That’s all about how to download, get & play standard Minecraft & Education Edition on Chromebook. While you are here, make sure to check out our other Minecraft Guides, like best Minecraft Fabric Mods, and how to get Forge 1.18 in MC.