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Animal Crossing New Horizons Mushrooms: How To Get

Check out this Animal Crossing New Horizons Mushrooms guide to find out how to get them fast, where to find rare mushrooms, their selling price and more.

Mushrooms in Animal Crossing New Horizons is a seasonal item and those in the Northern Hemisphere will get it in November. It is called the Mushrooming season and you need a certain trick to know how to get Mushrooms in ACNH. Don’t know how to do that? Here’s a guide that will show you how to obtain them and how to use them as a DIY material.

How to Get Mushrooms in Animal Crossing (Mushroom Guide)



Those in the Northern hemisphere will be able to get Mushrooms in ACNH from November 1 to November 30. For those in the South, it will be available from May 1 to May 31. There are five types of Mushrooms and they are Flat Mushroom, Rare Mushroom, Round Mushroom, Skinny Mushroom and Elegant Mushroom. You can use them in various seasonal DIY crafting recipes including the Mushroom wand, Mush table, Mush lamp and more. Plus, you can eat them for a minor strength boost. Note that up to 30 pieces can appear at a time and they do not grow on Mystery islands.

Where to Find Mushrooms in ACNH



You will find the flat, rare, round, skinny and elegant mushrooms in Animal Crossing New Horizons on the ground during the aforementioned period. They can be next to hardwood or cedar (pine) trees or even stumps so always keep an eye on the ground. Remember that you won’t find them near bamboo or fruit trees, so don’t spend time looking there.

How to Get Mushrooms in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Quickly


To farm mushrooms fast, you can plant trees next to each other so that you can collect them quickly. There will be 5 mushrooms around the trees every day and you will get a new batch daily at 5 am local time. If you want them outside of the mushrooming season, you can ask for them from a friend whose island has the season. You can also trade mushrooms from players who have stocked them carefully. There’s also the option to time travel if you really want them.

Selling Price of all Mushroom Types

  • Flat Mushroom: 200 Bells
  • Rare Mushroom: 16,000 Bells
  • Round Mushroom: 200 Bells
  • Skinny Mushroom: 300 Bells
  • Elegant Mushroom: 10,000 Bells


As you can tell, the Elegant Mushroom and Rare Mushroom are highly valuable mushroom types.

How to Find Rare Mushroom

What makes the rare mushroom slightly different is that you need to dig them up from the ground as they will be buried next to trees. These work just like fossils so look for star spots and bring out your shovel because you won’t find them on the ground. It has been said that the island’s rating comes into the picture while trying to obtain the Rare mushrooms and Elegant mushrooms – the higher the better.

How to Get Skinny Mushrooms in ACNH

Unlike the Rare Mushrooms, you can obtain Skinny Mushrooms from the ground near trees. Skinny Mushroom furniture includes Mushroom Lamp, Wreath, Wand, Forest Flooring, Wall and Forest Wall.

That’s all about Mushrooms in ACNH. In a separate guide, we have covered all the Mushroom DIY crafting recipes, so keep reading to find out which ingredients you need! Meanwhile, did you farm some pumpkins for Thanksgiving season? Find out how to do it in our linked guide right away.