How To Earn Gold In Free Fire: Best Ways To Obtain Gold

Here are the best sources to easily get gold in Free Fire.

If you have been playing Garena Free Fire for long, you would probably know the importance of gold and diamond. Today we will be discussing how to get gold in Free Fire. There are multiple sources to earn gold. Hence, you should be aware of all the available sources to get the most amount of Free Fire gold. We have compiled a list of various sources, both free and paid, where you can acquire gold.

How to Easily Get Gold in Free Fire?

Let’s start with free sources to obtain gold.

1. Log in Daily

Garena Free Fire awards their loyal gamers. Simply log-in every day and you will get exciting rewards including gold. You will not get a high amount of gold through this source.

2. Compete with Others

You can compete with other players in the battle arena. When you finish a match, you receive gold. The amount of gold you receive depends on your performance in the match.

3. Complete the Missions

Free Fire has multiple in-built activities. You can complete these activities to earn some extra gold. The amount of gold received after completing the missions depends on the danger of the task. The dangerous the task, the greater is the gold.

4. Rank High in Seasons

Free Fire is a season-based game. It creates seasons for a certain period. Play more, win more, and you will rank high in each season. When a season ends, Free Fire gives exciting rewards including gold to the gamers based on their rankings.

5. Participate in Events

Like many others, Free Fire also hosts in-game events to keep the gamers engaged. You can participate in the events and complete the quests of the events to earn gold.

These were free sources, now let’s head on to a few paid sources.

1. In-app Purchase

You can purchase any amount of gold through in-app purchases. Simply go to the store and select a bundle or enter the amount of gold you want. Pay the price on Google and there you go with the gold.

2. Take Memberships

Free Fire has premium memberships. You can take any membership, be it weekly or monthly, to get gold in Free Fire. You will receive gold based on the membership that you take.

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