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How To Get Ghoul Trooper Outfit In Fortnite?

Haunt your enemies with the Ghoul Trooper skin

The Ghoul Trooper Outfit was released in Fortnite as an exclusive festive skin during the Halloween of 2017. Getting this outfit can be a tricky task, and so we are here to help you. But first let us understand its specifications.

Ghoul Trooper is a bluish skin outfit with a green tint to it. The shirt and pants are ripped with claw marks to show off the wearers’ battle scars. Your skin will be bruised, stitched, and bleeding from open wounds across your whole body.


This is a perfect representation of Ghouls fighting in battles, hence highly enticing for players to flaunt this outfit in the game. Keep in mind that this outfit does not grant you special skills or abilities in Fortnite. But it definitely has an appeal to it! Here is how you can get this outfit.

Get the Ghoul Trooper Outfit in Fortnite

Note that the Ghoul Trooper Skin/Outfit is not a part of any game package or set that you can directly purchase using real-time money. The Ghoul Trooper was a limited-time exclusive skin released during the Halloween Week on 25th October 2017.


This outfit was available in the Cash Store for a brief 13 days in the month of October and November. The purchase price for the Ghost trooper outfit was 1,500 V Bucks. If you were unable to buy it then, here is how you can get the Ghost trooper outfit now –

  • Keep an eye out for special events.
  • If you get lucky, you can get it on completing daily and weekly missions.
  • You can also get it as a reward in the World Championships.
  • It has also been rumored to release in the Halloween of 2020.

These are the only four possible ways to get your very own Ghost Trooper outfit in Fortnite. There are 3 types of Ghost Trooper Outfits available in Fortnite.


  • The Epic Cyan Skinned Ghost Trooper
  • The White-haired Green Skin Zombie Ghost Trooper
  • The Blue-haired Pink Skin Ghoul Trooper

All the Ghoul Trooper Outfits are priced at 1500 V Bucks. The only way to get them is the above-mentioned tips. And while you are here, you could read our guide on leveling up faster in Fortnite. And if you have never played Fortnite, but definitely would like to do so, you can get the official Fortnite on your mobile now.