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Fortnite: How To Reach Level 300 Faster?

This guide is everything you will ever need to level up like a pro in Fortnite

With Chapter 2 Season 2 of Fortnite coming to an end, you must be giving it your all to level 300 as fast as you can. But you have been unsuccessful so far, assuming you are reading this article just to learn how to. Epic Games has made Fortnite magnificently intricate when it comes to leveling up. How much ever you give it your best, it just seems impossible to reach the 300th level.


And for one specific reason – no level upgrade takes the same amount of XP to do so. For the first 8 levels, it takes 10,000 XP each for every promotion. Here is where it gets tricky. From the 9th level onwards, up till the 100th level, you require a staggering 80,000 XP per upgrade. And from the 101st level till the 300th, you require 52,000 XP.

Insane, isn’t it? Well, Reddit user TheCodamanCrew, has broken the code. Here is a complete guide to how you can reach the 300th level exponentially faster than your adversaries. As you do not have more than 2 weeks for the Season 3’s release, it would be wise to use this guide as the holy grail for the Season 3, from the very start. And not only Season 3 but for every Season you can use this guide to level up faster.

How to reach the 300th level faster in Fortnite?

Complete every Daily Mission, every day

Daily tasks are quite easy to complete and do not take much of your time as well. This will fetch you 31,000 XP for the 3 daily missions, each day.


Complete the Medal Punchcards

These are again, extremely easy tasks like opening a chest, playing a daily game, number of kills, or surviving longer than other players. Completing the punchcard you will amass around 60,000 XP on a daily basis.

Complete Weekly Missions

There are 10 weekly missions, which can be difficult but equally rewarding. Every mission grants you around 40,000 XP. this totals up to 4,000,000 XP in a week alone.


If you now add the XP rewarded from these timed missions, your grand total comes to about 10,370,000 XP. This what you will need in reaching the 156th level in Fortnite. Who could have imagined that these easy tasks, that you probably were ignoring for so long, could be the ladder to your promotion?!

Earn Medals



You can earn Combat Medals in Fortnite by completing certain objectives as you play the Battle Royale. There are a variety of medals to be earned in Fortnite, each having a different value of XP as rewards –

  • Fishing Medal – catch a fish using a fishing pole.
  • AR Specialist Medal – use an assault rifle to deal 250 damage points to an enemy.
  • Sniper Medal – use a sniper to kill an enemy, not less than 100m away.
  • Shotgun Specialist Medal – use a shotgun to deal 250 damage points to an enemy.
  • SMG Specialist Medal – use an SMG to deal 150 damage points to an enemy.
  • Bronze Medal – assist 1 elimination, eliminate 1 player, be placed in the top 50, search 3 chests, or supply drops.
  • Silver Medal – assist 4 elimination, eliminate 4 players, be placed in the top 25, search 7 chests, or supply drops.
  • Gold Medal – assist 8 elimination, eliminate 8 players, be placed in the top 10, search 12 chests, or supply drops.

With every task completed for each medal, you receive different amounts of XP. Each elimination gets you 150 XP, double elimination gives 105 XP over the top. Similarly for every assist gets you 125 XP and for 10+ assists you get 585 XP over the top. Opening an ammo crate gets you 95XP and a Chest gets you 130 XP. In total, you can easily salvage around 9,000-24,000 XP per battle.

Surviving Battle Royales

Fortnite will reward you with XP for almost anything. Here is a list of XP you receive if you survive the mentioned time-limit –

  • 2:02 minutes – 17 EXP
  • 5:06 minutes – 51 EXP
  • 6:04 minutes – 85 EXP
  • 9:23 minutes – 136 EXP
  • 12:33 minutes -187 EXP
  • 18:10 minutes – 238 EXP

Get More Solo-Kills

The more kills you can generate in a game, the closer you are reaching your goal. Every overkill will get you extra 20 XP after this point

  • 1 Kill – 50 EXP
  • 2 Kills – 20 EXP
  • 3 Kills – 40 EXP
  • 4 Kills – 60 EXP
  • 5 Kills – 80 EXP

This is the best way of racking up on more than 7,488,000 XP. When you total up all the XP we have earned up until now, using this guide, you will be amazed that you can actually reach level 300 in less than 70 days. A general Season in Fortnite lasts for around 70 days. The path is rigorous indeed but reaching the highest level will be an achievement in its own, let alone the other bonuses you unlock upon reaching there.