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Ghost of Tsushima Horse Guide – How to get Deluxe Horse?

Horse is your only ride in Ghost of Tsushima and there are multiple variants of horses in the game. Here is a short guide on which horse to choose?

In Ghost of Tsushima after getting the armor and weapon you will have a choice to pick on horse between three. All three have different colors, but what about the attributes? If you are confused and looking for info on which Ghost of Tsushima horse to choose then keep reading. Once you pick a horse it will not change in the entire game. It will remain your honest ride throughout the game, but you can try saving time by using Fast Travel Points.

So here is a guide on which horse to choose in Ghost of Tsushima and how to unlock a Deluxe Horse?

Ghost of Tsushima Best Horse Guide

Yuna will lead you to a Mongol camp after you get your sword and armor back. You will reach stables where you will find three horses waiting for you. They are all the same the only difference is colors. That is Black, White, or Dapple, this is the only difference among three horses in Ghost of Tsushima. Otherwise, they are all the same and will not have any impact on the gameplay no matter what color you choose. Nor you get a Health Boost, Speed Boost or High Damage.

Horse in Ghost of Tsushima does not have a big role, they are just to ride you around the open vastness of the ancient world. But there is one Deluxe Horse in Ghost of Tsushima. This one is limited to some users only.

How to unlock Ghost of Tsushima Deluxe Horse?

Ghost of Tsushima Deluxe horse is available for those who had purchased Digital Edition of the game. It is a part of the bonus reward unlocked with the edition with more additional features. Below is the list of things you will get in Ghost of Tsushima Digital Deluxe Edition.

  • Full game
  • One technique point
  • Charm of Hachiman’s Favour
  • Hero of Tsushima Skin Set: Golden Mask, Body Armour, Sword Kit, Horse, Saddle
  • Digital mini artbook
  • Director’s commentary
  • Samurai PS4 theme

To unlock Ghost of Tsushima Deluxe you will need the Digital Deluxe edition that brings more items like Golden Mask, Body Armor, etc. In short, a horse is a fast ride to cover bigger distances and has no impact on the battle, speed, or any other factor of the gameplay. So you are free to choose which color horse you want to ride throughout your journey.