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How To Get Framed Villager Pictures In ACNH

A special reward for a special friendship

If you have been playing Animal Crossing New Horizons for a while, you know that building a good friendship with your villagers is very important. Of course, you want your neighbors to be happy and content on your island. You can even get framed villager pictures from them if you really create a deep bond of friendship with them. These framed villager pictures are very rare and will be unlocked only if you reach peak friendship levels. In this friendship guide, you will know how to get framed villager pictures in ACNH.


How to Get Framed Photos of Villagers (Friendship Guide)

Here’s how you can get that coveted and special friendship reward – the framed photo of a villager. Follow these steps diligently and persistently to earn the photo.

Be nice to villagers


If you want to increase your friendship level with your villagers, don’t hit them with a net. Be nice to them and talk to them frequently. By frequently, we mean more than five times a day. Also, don’t miss a day. Chatting with them often will give them reassurance that you really care about them and want them to stay on your island. If you ever see them in a distressed state of mind, talk to them. You will know that they are probably thinking of moving out when there’s a white cloud hovering above them. So, if they are considering leaving, you can change their mind by genuinely showing that you want them on your island.


Also, don’t ignore the villagers when they want to talk to you. When they walk up to you with an exclamation mark appearing above, it shows that they want to interact with you. So don’t miss this opportunity to build friendship.

Among all of this, remember to maintain the sweet spot of communication with them because if you overdo it, they won’t like you very much. It’s true, Animal Crossing is more like real life than we ever imagined.


Fulfill their requests

Many times, villagers will ask you to complete certain tasks for them. Make sure to fulfill these requests because this will make them appreciate you more. When you do these favors for them, your friendship levels with them will increase by leaps and bounds, especially when you decide to give them a rarer version of what they asked for.

Shower them with letters and gifts



Another way to get into the good books of your villagers is to give them gifts and send them letters. Note that there are certain gifts that are best suited for particular villagers. This tool will show you the best gift for villagers on your island, so make sure to check that guide out. You can also choose to give them stuff (like fruits) from your inventory, even better if it is gift wrapped.

And letters, oh, who doesn’t like receiving letters? Your villagers love it too. To send a mail, you can visit the Dodo airport and check out the card stand which will be to the right of Orville’s desk. Talk to him and let him know that you want to send a letter to someone. Then all you have to do is pick a villager that you want to impress and send them the letter. Doing this will increase your friendship bond even further.

So these were some of the things you can do to earn a framed villager photo in ACNH. Keep at it, be consistent with your friendship, and eventually, you will have those villager photos you wanted. This framed villager photo will also increase your Happy Home Academy rating which is a big plus!

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