How to Get Destiny 2 Cold Denial Pulse Rifle – Season of Arrivals

Legendary Pulse Rifle

Some weapons are worth checking out in Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals. If you are looking forward to unlocking a Legendary Sword like Temptations Hook or Falling Guillotine, or just a old weapon like Bolt-Caster then you are on the right page. Few weapons are worth to grind for. It might not be easy to unlock but if you know the way you can do it. So here is a guide on how to unlock Cold Denials Pulse rifle, a legendary weapon with powerful perks.

How to Get Destiny 2 Cold Denial Pulse Rifle?

Cold Denial Pulse rifle is the part of the season pass. To unlock this weapon you will have to reach Level 45. Similar to Falling Guillotine, which is unlocked at Level 30, Cold Denial will also unlock as you reach the required level.

Cold Denial is a part of the free tier reward, so you do not have to spend money to buy it. Just reach Rank 45 and the weapon will be added to your inventory. You can also unlock this legendary weapon from Umbral Engrams. A new type of engrams that cannot be encrypted at regular traders. There is a separate Umbral decoder in Destiny 2 which will help you to decrypt and find what is hidden inside.

Cold Denials Perks and Stats:

The weapon comes with three active perks. These perks focus on offering you high damage, better range, and stability. A kind of useful weapon while running around.

High- Impact Frame:

  • Long Range
  • Slow Firing
  • High Damage


  • Body shots landed with this weapon increase precision damage for a short time.

Zen Moment:

  • Causing damage with this weapon increases its stability.

Weapon Stats:

  • Impact – 33
  • Range – 68
  • Stability – 61
  • Handling – 32
  • Reload Speed – 54
  • RPM – 340
  • Mag – 28

So this is how you can unlock Cold Denial Pulse rifle in Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals. More weapons guides are coming up. Check our Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals section for more tips and tricks.