How to Unlock Bolt-Caster in Destiny 2

Exotic Sword Guide

Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals has added some amazing weapons. This include legendary sword Temptations Hook & Falling Guillotine Sword. Both feature amazing perks and can give you power to melt bosses in minutes. There is one more exotic sword you can unlock pretty early in the game. Bolt-Caster, a power with 280 attack value and comes with perks to protect you from Solar and Void attacks. Here is how you can find this exotic weapon in Destiny 2.

How to Unlock Bolt-Caster in Destiny 2?

Bolt-Caster is a Level 40 exotic sword in Destiny 2. It is a reward for completing A Sword Reforged Quest. Talk to Lord Shaxx to unlock the quest. Completing this quest will provide you the weapon through the drop. There are more rewards and they are random. It includes weapons like Razer-Lighter, Dark Drinker, or Bolt-Caster.

Sword Reforged Quest is a long quest with various objectives. You will equip the legendary sword and boost its attack to 280 or higher after leveling up completely. During the first objective of the quest, you will test the sword against a servant of darkness and test it against guardians also in The Crucible. Get 50 Major Kills, 25 Guardian Kills in Crucible to proceed.

For the second objective talk to Lord Shaxx and for the third one, you will have to defeat Ecthar, in the Asylum on the Dreadnaught. Return to Lord Shaxx for the final objectives.

Finally after complete all the objectives you will unlock Bolt-Caster in Destiny 2. Here are a list of perks for this sword.

  • Sword Strike (Intrinsic) – Use R1 or RB to attack.
  • Arc-Forged Guard (Intrinsic) – Guard against solar and void attacks, less effective against Arc attacks.
  • Infuse (Intrinsic) – Consume a powerful weapon to boost the attack power of the sword.
  • Tempered Light (Primary) – More armor while using the sword.
  • Sword of Thunder (Tempered Light) – Press R2 or RT to shoot a beam of Arc Light creating an electrical storm.

There are few more perks for the sword which falls in the selectable category. But the above are the important ones.