How To Unlock & Get Cyborg Race In Grand Piece Online (GPO)

Want to have the rarest race in Grand Piece Online? You should get yourself Cyborg and its Fighting Style.

Many players are looking to get Cyborg in Grand Piece Online (GPO) and its fighting style. It is not only the rarest and hardest to obtain race in the game. But also the one that has the coolest-looking character. And the skills you get are also some of the best in the game. So here is everything you should know about it.

How to Get Cyborg in Grand Piece Online (GPO)

Get Cyborg GPO

Cyborg Race in GPO

You have a 1% chance to get Cyborg as your character’s race in this game. Since the chances of getting it is really low, you will have to reroll to get it. There aren’t many ways for it. You can mainly reroll by either using Codes or by spending Robux.

Cyborg Fighting Style

Grand Piece Online GPO get Cyborg Fighting Style
Image Credit: TerraBlox on YouTube

To unlock the fighting style you need to find and talk to the NPC AE10 the Cyborg Master. Here is its location:

  1. From the spawn fly to the West exit.
  2. Keep flying west and land near the palm tree next to the square open ground.
  3. Go north and you should find this NPC near another NPC with pink hair.

Cyborg Fighting Style Moves & How to Get its Abilities

After talking to AE10 he will unlock hand lasers for you. You need to get Gears and increase your Cyborg Mastery to unlock new abilities. With the Cyborg Fighting Style, you get the following skills and these are the keys on your keyboard to use them:

  • Obliteration Rush: C-key
  • Missile Shower: X-key
  • Self Repair: Z-key
  • Cyborg Fight: T-key
  • Laser Pulsar: R-key
  • Machine Gun Blows: E-key

How to Get Cyborg Upgrades (Outfit) in GPO

To get Cyborg Upgrades you first have to unlock all your skills. After that go and talk to AE10 the Cyborg Master. He will acknowledge you learning all skills and will offer you his outfit. You can choose any one upgrade from the three options:

  • Attack: Gain 10% Extra damage on Cyborg Skills for 35 Cyborg Gears.
  • Defense: Gain 10% Extra Maximum HP for 29 Cyborg Gears.
  • Stamina: Gain 10% Extra Stamina for 25 Cyborg Gears.

And with that you know everything about the Cyborg race in GPO and how to get its Fighting Style and Upgrades. Be sure to check out our Grand Piece Online section for more help on this game.