How To Get Badges In NBA 2K22

Here is a guide that will shows how to get Badges in NBA 2K22.

With the release of NBA 2K22, a new Badge system was introduced. With this new system comes a variety of skills and attributes you can apply to your Avatar in Career Mode. In this guide, I will show you how you can get these Badges easily and quickly in NBA 2K22.

How to Get Badges in NBA 2K22

badges in nba 2k22

Badges in NBA 2K22 are basically attributing traits that are appliable to your MyPLAYER. You can make Badge Loadouts which gives your MyPLAYER different playing builds. You can make an Iron wall defense build or an Ace Shooter build. Obviously the more Badges you have the more various builds you can make. There are 4 categories of Badges being Finishing, Shooting, Playmaking, and Defense/Rebounding. You can gain Badges in them by performing their respective actions. For Example, to gain Shooting Badges you will have to perform a lot of 3 pointer shots that convert into Baskets. To make it easy for you to get a lot of Badges, make your MyPLAYER a Center Player with a Speed Build.

Methods of getting Badges

The Fastest way to unlock Badges is to only concentrate on a certain category. Let’s say you want to get the Shooting Badges. Firstly, in your match, you must run-up to the 3 pointer line. Once you do, Fake Pass and Jab Step. This will initiate a Takeover. In that take the 3 pointer shot. A Green Flash should shine above your MyPLAYER Avatar. That’s about it, this is all you have to do to get a ton of points. The only prerequisite to this is to equip the Triple Threat Styles -> Normal 1 stance. This will get you all of the Shooting Badges, no problem. If you want Playmaking Badges then do more Alleys-oops and for Defence, play more Defence in Hall of Fame Mode.

This will unlock a lot of Badges plus it will also give you a lot of points that you can use to upgrade your Badges. Yes, at the time of this article there is a glitch that allows you to get loads of Points but doing so can make your account liable for a ban. So I would advise not to do the glitch but by methods, I have listed above. If done right you will be able to get all of these Badges in one day. Hopefully, this guide has helped you in getting all those Badges. You can also check our guides on Gym Rat Badges and the new features in MyNBA on certain Consoles for NBA 2K22.