How to Unlock Electroculus Resonance Stone in Genshin Impact?

Inazuma's Reputation System Guide

Electroculus Resonance Stone is a consumable in Genshin Impact. It can be crafted via Alchemy. You will have to work first to unlock the Electroculus Resonance Stone in Genshin Impact. Then only you can craft the stone through Alchemy. It allows you to create high rarity character ascension material, weapon ascension material, options, etc. Here is how to unlock the recipe and how to use the stone.

How To Get Electroculus Resonance Stone?

Electroculus Resonance Stone Genshin Impact

Reach Level 8 Reputation in Inazuma to unlock Electroculus Resonance Stone recipe. After reaching the level you will unlock a blueprint of the item. This will allow you to craft Resonance Stones at the Alchemy crafting station. You will need four items to craft it. Here is Electroculus Resonance Stone Recipe.

  1. 5x Naku Weed
  2. 5x Sakura Bloom
  3. 1x Amethyst Lump
  4. 500 Mora

What is Electroculus Resonance Stone?

It is a consumable Gadget in Genshin Impact. You can use it to locate nearby Electroculi. The stone can detect their presence and reveal their locations. Electroculi is an Adventure Item that can appear randomly on the map across the Inazuma region. You can offer this item to Statue of the Seven for rewards. Once you collect Electroculi from one spot they will not respawn again.

The easiest way to find Electroculi is by using the Electroculus Resonance Stone. There are over 95 Electroculi scattered in the new Inazuma region of Genshin Impact. You can explore and collect a massive amount of rewards by following the item.

Also called Electroculus this collectible item is used to level up Statues of the Seven. You can earn Primogems as a reward. You can also earn Shrine of Depths Keys and Adventure EXP.

The new Inazuma region is filled with tons of collectibles items. With exploration, you will also have to keep an eye on valuable rare items. They will help you to level up and get a decent amount of prime gems. Another way to earn rewards is by solving Puzzles like the Araumi Cube Puzzle. Our Genshin Impact Wiki guide has a lot of updates and locations on puzzles or items you can find in the new update. Do check it once.

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