How To Solve Araumi Cube Puzzle In Genshin Impact?

Guide to Unlock Araumi Ruins in Genshin

Inazuma Region is a new location in Genshin Impact which has a ton of hidden ruins. You will need Memento Lens to find this hidden stuff.  It can heavily reward you with Primo Gems and other items for crafting purposes. For example, the Tidal Flat Puzzle. It is hidden beneath an island. Using the Memento Lens you will have to reveal the pieces of the puzzle to reach the final one. The same goes for Genshin Impact Araumi Puzzle. Here is how to easily find and solve this type of cube-based puzzle.

How To Solve Araumi Puzzle?

Araumi Puzzle is located in the Araumi region of the newly unlocked Inazuma Region. You will need an Electro-type character to solve this puzzle. Below are the locations and solutions of every Araumi Puzzle. Most of them are found in the Araumi region, a set of cubes aligned near each other.

Araumi Puzzle 1:

Araumi Puzzle Location 1

Follow the marked location on the above Araumi Map Screenshot. Look for a circular structure with a tree trunk around it and trees with pink leaves. Look for a cube with codes glowing in pink. Hit with electro on the rock panel on its left to activate the first Araumi Puzzle.

Araumi Puzzle Location 1

The main puzzle is at the backside, just walk a little and you will find the five pieces of cubes aligned near to each other. You will have to shoot the cubes in a way that all five of them face reveals the same shape.

Araumi Puzzle 1 Solution

Now follow the above attack pattern and hit the cubes from one to four. For example, hit the first on the left first and then the second two times. Finally attack the first one again and the puzzle will be solved. You will see an Exquisite Chest that will reward you with the following items.

  1. Old Merc’s Pal
  2. Fine Enchantment Ore
  3. Mystic Enchantment Ore
  4. Berserker’s Rose
  5. Exile’s Flower

Araumi Puzzle 2:

Araumi Puzzle Location 2

For the second Araumi Puzzle turn around and follow the pink tree. It has another panel below it, visit here during the nighttime. Interact with the panel and then return to the rock cube symbol below the tree and interact to activate the second Araumi Puzzle. This one is underground, to access this jump into the well. You will get a free chest below with some rewards in it.

Use the Memento Lens to watch the three fox statues. Each will reveal a cube, interact with all three of them to unlock the door below. Finally, you are in the cave with the second Araumi Puzzle. Explore the left corner of the cave to find cubes set. To solve this puzzle rotate the cubes in the left end and right end corner. Just move them a couple of times and the chest will spawn in.

Araumi Puzzle 3:Drain the Water

Araumi Puzzle Location 3

On the right end of the second puzzle, there is an underground cave filled with water. Jump down and take first left, swim to the end and you will see a locked caged door. The third Araumi Puzzle is on the direct opposite of the door. This time the cubes are aligned in a straight line. Attack the middle one-two times and done. A treasure chest will spawn on the right corner.

That’s it, you are done with all Araumi Puzzles in that specific region. You can surf through our Genshin Impact Wiki guide for more similar tips and tricks.