How To Unlock Albino Bat In Adopt Me

If you are curious to know how to get Albino Bat in Adopt Me, here's how to do it.

Do you want to get the ultra-rare pet Albino Bat in Adopt Me Halloween event 2020? Then this guide has all the information you need. The latest Halloween update has added quite a lot of interesting stuff to the game including new minigames, new pets and also Halloween candies. In this article, we will explain how to get Albino Bat in Adopt Me!

Adopt Me Albino Bat: How to Get


As mentioned above, Halloween candy has been added in the game which is what you can use to buy bat boxes from the Halloween shop. A bat box can have a Normal Bat or an Albino Bat which is very rare. Hence, collecting the Albino version of it can get you some bragging rights as well. Note that these bat boxes will be available for a limited time and you won’t get them after November 10th. There is a 1 of 5 chance of getting the Albino Bat in Adopt Me. It’s a small white bat having black eyes, a tiny pink nose and cute ears.

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How much candy do you need to buy bat boxes? Well, one bat box costs 1000 candy. Here’s how to earn candies fast so that you can have a better chance of getting the Albino Bat. There are a few different methods you can follow based on how quickly and easily you want to earn them. Basically you can purchase them, talk to the Headless Horseman or play minigames.

Since the Albino Bat in Adopt Me is in the ultra-rare category, the odds make it a bit tough to get your hands on it quickly but if you have enough candies then you can surely increase your chances. You can also decide to use it for purchasing other pets and trade the rare bat instead.