How To Earn Candy In Adopt Me 2020

Fast and easy ways to get Halloween Candy in Adopt Me 2020.

Halloween Candy in Adopt Me 2020 is a currency with which you can buy new pets. There’s Ghost Bunny, Bat Box and Skele-Rex which are the pets you can purchase with candies. If you are curious to know how to earn candy in Adopt Me for free, here’s everything about it.

How to Get Candy in Adopt Me 2020


In order to get candies in Adopt Me Halloween event, you have to play minigames and also talk to the Headless Horseman daily. By playing minigames, you can earn a good amount of candies for free and also get a free limited-time Pumpkin Pet. Apart from this, you can buy Halloween candy in Adopt Me with Robux. With this method, you don’t have to play minigames and get your hands on some candies fast. If you speak to the Headless Horseman, you will get 200 candy everyday which ends up being a substantial amount if you speak to him throughout the event.


If you want to earn candies from minigames, there are two Halloween-based ones which are Pumpkin Smash and Spirit Showdown. Below, we have explained how to play both of these minigames. The developers have posted that if you play the games in the next few days, you will get even more candy than before. They have increased the candy rewards based on player feedback – awesome!

How to Play Spirit Showdown in Adopt Me


In Spirit Showdown, your mission is to catch ghosts with other players. Click on the ghosts and try to catch them. The longer you are connected to the ghost, the more points you get and finally, you face off with a boss ghost. When the boss appears, you need to try to catch it while dodging its attacks. If it manages to get to you, you will get frozen with fear. The game ends when the boss ghost is caught and that is when you will get free candies.

How to Play Pumpkin Smash


In this simple minigame, you have to explore the area, looking for pumpkins. You have to collect or smash them by running into them. When you keep doing this fast, you will also get more speed boost. The Pumpkins will respawn so you can head back to the areas where you already smashed pumpkins before. When the timer ends, the game will end and you will get free candy in Adopt Me.

How to Buy Halloween Candy with Robux

Use the Halloween button to head to the shop with the Headless Horseman. You will see the amount of candy you already have and the quantity of candy you can buy with Robux. Based on how much Halloween candy you want, this is what you need to spend:

  • 200 Candies for 20 Robux
  • 800 Candies for 80 Robux
  • 3,000 Candies for 300 Robux
  • 7,500 Candies for 600 Robux
  • 16,000 Candies for 1,200 Robux
  • 50,000 Candies for 3,500 Robux

To help you even further, here’s how to get free Robux in Roblox.  And that’s everything on how to get free candy in Adopt Me 2020 Halloween update. Stay with Gamer Tweak to get more updates about Roblox Adopt Me!