How To Get The Pumpkin Pet In Adopt Me

Quick and easy way to unlock the Pumpkin Pet in Roblox Adopt Me 2020.

It’s Halloween time and to celebrate this occasion, you can get the Pumpkin Pet in Adopt Me 2020. Apart from this pet, there’s a lot of interesting additions in the Halloween update. But in this particular guide, we will explain how to earn the Adopt Me Pumpkin Pet for free. The Pumpkin is legendary and has ride and fly quipped – perfect for you if you don’t have a pet having those features yet. So, without further ado, let’s find out how to unlock this pet.

Adopt Me Pumpkin Pet: How Do You Get It?

In order to get the Pumpkin Pet in Adopt Me, you have to play the new Halloween minigames, specifically the Pumpkin Smash minigame. How to play Pumpkin Smash in Roblox Adopt Me? It is a simple minigame where you have to quickly collect pumpkins as you move around the location.


Get as much as you can and when the timer ends, you will get Candy based on how many Pumpkins you collected. You don’t have to reach any target score so just have fun while doing it. Explore the entire area and grab a lot of pumpkins. Luckily, the pumpkins will respawn so you can go back to the previous regions to smash some more.


When you play this minigame for the first time, you will get the Pumpkin Pet in Adopt Me. Easy peasy, right?


It is a full grown pet that you can roam around with. Plus, it has leaves that rotate when it moves around and looks pretty cute, to be honest. Remember to not get too attached to this pet, though, because it will leave when the Adopt Me Halloween 2020 event ends which is November 11. So, until then, enjoy this limited-time pet with its fly and ride features.

We are going to add more guides about the Adopt Me Halloween 2020 event like how to get candy, how to get the Albino bat and more. So, stay with Gamer Tweak!