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Terraria Fishing Guide: How To Fish (Explained)

Fishing around right? Check out our guide on how to fish in Terraria.

Terraria is a sandbox stylized 2D action-adventure video game by Re-Logic. There’s a wide range of things to do as you explore its wondrous open world. One of the best things you can do is simply fish around by a river bank. As you fish around, there are also several quests involved. And you can also get rewards for completing them. But you need to unlock some resources, first. So, here’s our guide on how to fish in Terraria.

How to Fish in Terraria


You need a fishing pole and a few baits in your inventory for fishing in the open world. While getting bait is simple, you need to craft a fishing pole to get it.

  • To craft a Fishing pole, you need to place 8 wood into a basic table.
  • For the bait, you can find them at different supply crates or while fishing. Some examples are Truffle Worm, Butterflies, Ladybugs, Jellyfishes, and more.
  • You can place any bait in your ammo slot.
  • Once you have a fishing pole and bait, get to a small pond or lake to catch fish.
  • You can stand by the edge of the pond to reel the pole.
  • Then, you can use the Fishing pole along with the bait to lure the fish.
  • When you hear a bubbling sound, use the pole to reel the fish out of that pond or lake.
terraria how to fish fishing
Image Source – Moxus Gaming on YouTube.


Fishing Quests

  • You need to unlock the Angler NPC in your town to get the fishing quests.
  • These quests involve fishing in different locations like an underground cave, honey, or even Lava.
  • With different locations, you also need to equip suitable fishing poles and bait to catch the fish.

How to Fish in Lava


For fishing in lava bodies, you need to equip certain fishing poles and baits. These are the following items for fishing in lava:

  • Lavaproof Fishing Hook (fishing pole)
  • Hotline Fishing Hook (pole)
  • Lavaproof Tackle Bag (optional)
  • Magma Snail (bait)
  • Lavafly (bait)
  • Hell Butterfly (bait)

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