How To Get Ichor In Terraria

Here are some of the ways to get Ichor in Terraria.

In Terraria, Ichor is a Hardmode crafting item that is used in Ichor-related Items like the infamous Golden Shower Spell. This guide will help you in getting Ichor in Terraria as quickly as possible.

What is Ichor?

In Greek Mythology it is said that Ichor is a golden ethereal fluid known as the “Blood of the Gods”. Ichor is a hard mode crafting item that can only be obtained from the Underground Crimson and the Crimson Underground Desert Biomes. It is used in crafting Items like Golden Shower, Ichor Dart, Living Ichor Block, etc. Ichor is dropped by the Tainted Ghoul and the Ichor Sticker Mobs and can be found in the Hematic Crate. Ichor inflicts a debuff where the defense stat of the victim is lowered. This is used by applying Ichor to weapons like Ichor Arrows and Ichor Bullets. Ichor doesn’t burn in lava which leads to possible farming techniques.

How do I get Ichor in Terraria?

You can get Ichor only in the Underground Crimson and the Crimson Underground Desert Biomes, so having these Biomes in your world is a must else you cannot obtain Ichor from that world. Saying that it is still possible to get Ichor. Here are the ways you can obtain Ichor:

AFK Farming for Ichor in Terraria

afk farm ichor
Image Source: HappyDays

In the Underground Crimson and the Crimson Underground Desert Biomes, you can set up AFK Farms, Farms that do not require player input and get Ichor like that. This is the best way of getting Ichor with little effort you will be to get hundreds upon hundreds of Ichor in a short period. As shown in the picture above you can make a pyramid-like structure where the Mobs can climb up and then fall into the pit of lava. The overhang is to ensure that the Mobs will hit their head and fall right in and not jump on the other side. To save yourself from the Floaty Gross Mob, sit in a pool of honey. If you take a lot of damage like this then reroll your accessories. This farm works based on luring the Mobs into the center and then killing them with lava.

Create an Artificial Biome

If the Underground Crimson and the Crimson Underground Desert Biomes are not in your world then artificially creating the biome in a Caverns Layer Jungle Biome and using the Cavern Slayer Crimson blocks to create the environment we want to make. This is a good way of getting a lot of Ichor but it may be more technical to understand.

Transfer Items between Worlds

You can also get Ichor from an old world if you had collected Ichor in it. You can also apply the prior steps in the old world if the Biomes exist there.

This was the guide for how to get Ichor in Terraria. Hopefully, this helped you in doing the same.

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