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How To Fish In The Survivalists

Easy way to fish and get meat in The Survivalists.

Similar to the real-world, food is the most important thing to survive in The Survivalists. While you can easily get some berries and fruit to eat, but they do not have a major impact on the health bar. But when it comes to meat, they can have a huge impact on health. However, meat is the most difficult food item to get in the Survivalists. One of the ways to get meat is by fishing. In this guide, we will walk you through, how to fish in The Survivalists.

The Survivalists: How to Fish


Coming straight to the point, you will need a spear to fish in The Survivalists. But getting a spear is no simple task. The Survivalists game is based on a blueprint tree system and therefore you will have to craft a lot many items before getting access to craft a spear.

If you somehow manage to get access to craft a spear, it will require metal ingots. Metal ingots are very scarce in the game. You can refer to our guide on where to get metal ingots in The Survivalists for help. However, there is a workaround to get spears beforehand.

Other than crafting, you can get spears from the following three ways:

  • Looted from fallen enemies
  • Mysterious Shop
  • Looted from skeletons

Once you have the spear, all you need to do is step into the nearest water body and get to the shallow areas. When you see a fish, use your spear to get it.

That’s everything we have to offer on how to fish in The Survivalists. To survive in the game, you would want many other crafting ingredients such as mud and sand. Make sure to read our how to get mud in The Survivalists guide to easily get the ingredient and craft useful items from it. You might also want to learn how to cook because just getting the fish will do no good. Go through our campfire cooking guide for The Survivalists to know everything about cooking in the game.