Where To Find Metal Ingots In The Survivalists

Find the metal ingots easily and craft the most needed items in the Survivalists.

Crafting is at the core of the Survivalists. If you have started playing the game, you might probably have the basic knowledge of crafting. However, there are very fewer chances of knowing how to easily get the ingredient materials for crafting. One of the hardest material to find in the Survivalists is metal. But, that’s nothing to worry about as we have crafted this guide for the very same reason. So without any further delay, let’s begin us where to find metal ingots in the Survivalists guide.

The Survivalists: Where to Find Metal Ingots

Metal ingots, gold ingots, and gems are the rarest materials to find in the Survivalists. In fact, there are high chances that you might not find any of these on the first island. The only chance you have to get metal ingots on the starting island is by getting them in chests in the dungeons. But the chances are very small.

The best places to find metal ingots in the Survivalists are volcanic biomes and caves. Both these places have plenty of rocks due to the surrounding environment. metal ingots are found in the rocks that have silver-colored shiny objects called Metal Viens on them. The Veins for gold ingots and gems also looks similar but with different shine color.

The Survivalists: How to Get Metal Ingots From Volcanic Biomes

The problem with collecting metal from volcanic biomes is that you cannot roam around in them. The environment in volcanic biomes is very hot. Walking in them can deplete your health rapidly. However, there are two ways you can collect a decent amount of metal without depleting your health to a great extent.

The first workaround is to use Elixir. When you complete the second task in the game, you are rewarded with Elixir. It makes you immune to environmental effects for a limited time period. Hence, you can use it and then get into the volcanic biomes to easily find metal ingots and collect them without impacting your health.

The second workaround is to train monkeys to do the job for you. To do this, firstly you need to take a lot of monkey companions with you. Next, use the train button as soon as you reach the volcanic biomes. Then, you will have to mine a Metal Vien yourself to show it to the monkeys. Handover your pickaxe to the monkeys and they will do the job for you. The only that’s left to do now is get inside the volcanic biome and quickly collect all the dropped metal ingots.

The Survivalists: How to Get Metal Ingots From Caves

Caves do not have any environmental impact on your health. But they can be too dangerous. However, it is best to find a cave nearby a volcanic biome. There are chances that when you move into the cave and then head back outside, you might get a world replenishment notification. If you get that, then you can go back inside the cave and deplete the respawned metal ingots.

That’s everything you need to know about where to find metal ingots in the Survivalists. Apart from metals and other materials, you will also have to find various cooking ingredients for cooking. You refer to our campfire cooking guide to know everything about cooking in the Survivalists. You can also read how to get blueprints in the Survivalists.