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How to Get Blueprints in The Survivalists

Here's a simple guide on how to unlock Blueprints in The Survivalists.

The wait is finally over as The Survivalists is all set to release today (October 9, 2020) on all major platforms such as PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. The game will surely have a lot of things to explore and craft to survive the game. In this guide, we will explain how you can easily craft certain things in The Survivalists.

How to Get Blueprints in The Survivalists


In order to obtain Blueprints in The Survivalists, you simply need to craft all the items you see. Firstly, we will recommend to craft items that are out of your hand, which will open up the possibility of crafting a variety of tools.

Doing this will also give you the ability to refine resources, which you will be able to turn into more important items that you can use. There are various Blueprints that you will get to know and you will receive more as upon using crafted items.

Getting Blueprints in The Survivalists is quite easy because all the items that you need to craft can easily be found when you start the game. This is all basic stuff, so you simply need to craft an item, collect the next resource and continue to craft untill you have successfully unlocked everything.


After that, you will have to open up the Blueprints menu and start crafting items like beds and campfires. In order to open the Blueprint menu, look to the top left of your screen and see what button has written over it.

Similar to other crafting menus in The Survivalists, whenever you create something, they will unlock new recipes that you can use in the game. Here are some examples:

Item Required Materials
Campfire (main; starting recipe) 6x pebbles
Flimsy Bed 1x comfy padding
Straw Wall 2x straw bundle
Wooden Wall 2x wooden wall; 1x rope
Door 3x wooden slat; 2x metal hinge; 1x metal ingot
Window 2x wooden slat; 2x glass sheet; 1x mud
Stone Wall 2x stone slab; 3x mud
Lightweight Bed 1x comfy padding; 2x wooden slat; 2x metal nails
Table 2x wooden rod; 2x timber; 1x rope
Small Chest 4x timber; 2x rope
Medium Chest 2x wooden slat; 2x timber; 2 metal hinge
Pebble Floor Tile 3x pebbles; 2x mud
Multipurpose Pole 2x wooden rod; 2x mud
Crafting Bench 2x stone chunk; 3x timber; 2x rope
Forge 6x stone chunk; 3x mud
Cooking Pot 1x bucket; 6x pebbles
Raft 6x wooden rod; 3x rope



As we have already mentioned that you will have to craft beds and campfires first. When you are done making Campfire, you will be granted access to the Crafting Bench. This is the way you will create plenty of other tools and start getting into the meat and potatoes of the game. After getting the bench, you can make yourself a Forge, which will speed up your ability to craft additional items in The Survivalists.

If you want to learn about cooking recipes then you can easily learn in the same way. What all you need to do is to set up the campfire and when you start communicating, it will open up the campfire cooking recipes window.

Now, select the item that you wish to cook and then add the items to the campfire afterwards to create it!