How To Get Mud In The Survivalists Easily

Get the useful crafting resource mud in The Survivalists.

Mud is an essential ingredient resource to craft multiple items and weapons in The Survivalists. Well, you might think that you can get mud by mixing dirt and water. But, the way to get mud in The Survivalists is different. You don’t have to mix anything to get mud, instead, you can get it by digging. But you need to dig it with a unique tool named Shovel and a specific biome region. So the real question here is how to craft a Shovel in the first place to get mud in The Survivalists.

The Survivalists: How to Get Mud

The game supports a blueprint tree system for building and crafting. Hence, you will have to craft some other tools first to get Shovel. To craft Shovel in The Survivalists, you will have to build placements items like benches and unlock simple tools.

You will start with only a hand ax, after building the first tool with a hand ax, some other simple tools will be unlocked. Next, you have to focus on the placement tree. You will again start with just a bed. From there you need to start by first building a bed and then a fire pit. This will grant access to building a bench. Now all you need to do is build the bench.

how to get sand in the survivalists

Once the bench is built and you have access to simple tools, you can craft a Shovel that can help you dig and get mud in The Survivalists. One thing to note here is that you need to dig in a grassy biome. That should not be a problem as the first island you start on is a grassy biome. Just dig any grassy square and you can easily get mud for crafting other items and weapons.

You can get sand in The Survivalists in a similar way with the help of Shovel. You just need to change the location from grassy to sandy. The best location to get sand is on and nearby a beach.

Hope this will help you to easily get mud in The Survivalists. Similar to mud and sand, you will have to collect other resources and minerals such as metal ingots. Metal ingots are one of the rarest minerals to mine in the game and they are found only at specific locations. So, if you want to save yourself the hassle of finding the location to get metal ingots in the Survivalists, you can refer to our guide on the same.