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How To Find Companions In Fallout 76?

Find these characters to progress in Fallout 76

Along with human NPCs, you can now recruit Companions, as well as find The Purveyor in Fallout 76. Companions are your allies in the game, 4 in total. The Purveyor or better known as Purveyor Murmrgh the Mole Merchant and Miner sells you legendary items that play an integral role in Fallout 76.
Here is a guide to finding The Purveyor and all Companions in Fallout 76.

How to find The Purveyor in Fallout 76?


The Purveyor is an old character in Fallout 76. She first appeared in the Wild Appalachia update. She sells unique and precious legendary items that you can trade for Legendary Scrips. You can get Legendary Scrips from an exchange machine that trades legendary armors and weapons for Scrips. To find The Purveyor –

  • Go to South Charleston. Earlier she used to be at the Berkeley Springs Station until the update shifted her to the Rustys.
  • Locate a small bar called the Rusty Pick.
  • The shop is lit with a Christmas tree outside.
  • You will find the Purveyor in there.

How to find Companions in Fallout 76?

There are in total of 4 Companions for you in Fallout 76, namely -Beckett, Raider Punk, Commander Sofia Daguerre, Settler Forager. You cannot keep more than one companion in your CAMP at a time. Here is a guide to finding each one of them –



  • Go to Rusty Pick
  • You will get the Narrow Escape quest
  • Your task is to fight Blood Eagles and save Beckett
  • Recover Beckett’s belongings
  • Help him set up his Bar
  • Upon finishing this, Beckett will arrive at your CAMP and become your Companion.

Raider Punk

  • Reach Level 50,
  • Gain +8 in Luck and
  • Gain +5 in Perception with Cooperative rank
  • Once either of these conditions is met, you can find Raider in the Southeast regions or North of Vault 76
  • He can also be found in the Raiders base once you finish the story
  • You just have to complete the narration with Raider punk and he will readily join your CAMP and become a Companion.

Commander Sofia Daguerre

  • You will receive an SOS signal on your PIP-Boy
  • Head to Mire, you can find it on the map
  • You will find Sofia in on the lowest floor
  • She will be injured. Use a Stimpak First-Aid to heal her
  • You now need to find her flight-recorder
  • Head to the west of Gulper lagoon
  • Fight an army of Super Mutants to retrieve the flight-recorder
  • Steal an encryption key from the pilot of that ship
  • The key is an assaultron called the Pandora
  • You can also ask Sofia to assist you with a code, “Blue Sunset” which shuts off the Pandora without indulging in a fight.
  • Head back to Sofia
  • Decrypt the key
  • Construct a USSA console in your CAMP
  • Sofia will now become your Companion and join your CAMP.

Settler Forager

  • Earn the Cooperative rank in Settler,
  • +8 in Luck,
  • +3 in Charisma and
  • +6 in Reputation
  • Reach the Foundation
  • Board the elevator
  • Go to Paige’s office
  • You will meet a meekly old guy walking around
  • Finish the narration with him and he will get recruited to your CAMP and become your Companion
  • He is Settler forager, your quests and weapons guide.

And just like that, you can find The Purveyor and all Companions in Fallout 76. These characters play an essential role in the game. Every Companion comes with a different set of quests for you. You can complete the game only after finding each and every one of these characters and teaming up with them to finish the missions in Fallout 76. Here is a guide on How to Throw Money in Fallout 76.