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How To Throw Money In Fallout 76?

Want to earn more money in Fallout? Throw money at your enemies!

Did you know that you could throw money in Fallout 76!? If you are suffering from an abundance of money and wish to flaunt it around, you can very well throw it at a target and see them explode with a spray of caps. Caps are the in-game currency of Fallout 76. That means you can throw money to earn money.

Yes, you read it right, the money you throw will act as a grenade, critically injure your target and they might just explode into a shower of money. It can be regarded as a Cash weapon or Fat Stacks in Fallout 76. The amount of caps you earn totally depends on the level of the target you takedown. If you want to learn how to throw money in Fallout 76, read along…


What is the throwing money weapon in Fallout 76?

Throwing money in Fallout 76 acts as a weapon for one specific reason. The money is nothing but a weapon. It looks like a bundle of Pre-War Cash, and just like an explosive, it can be thrown at your enemies. Throwing Money is a substitute for throwing knives, dealing the same amount of damage, at the same rate.





The advantage of this Fat Stack is that, just like a knife or a club, it is a holdout weapon. Thus you can easily smuggle it in weapon-restricted areas like casinos and clubs. Your enemies are in for a real treat, when the money they expect to be thrown at them, will explode on their faces.

How to get throw money (Fat Stacks) in Fallout 76?

The Fat Stack weapon is derived from Fallout: New Vegas 2010 using a mod. There are two ways to acquire the throwing money in Fallout 76 –


  • Craft Fat Stacks – Visit any workbench in the game, having a barter skill level of 26 or above. There you can use your Pre-War Money to craft into Fat Stacks.
  • Mod – If you wish to save your hard-earned pre-War Cash, you can completely rely on the Mod files to do the trick. Simply download the Fat Stack Mod and extract the files to your game folder. Enable the Extra-Sensory Perception cheats in your data files. Now when you run the game, all you need to do is feed in the code player.AddItem ##000ADE 10. This will grant you 10 Throwing Money Stacks.

Caps have been the in-game currency for fallout since the very beginning. In fallout 76, earning them is a seriously strenuous task, hence once you learn how to throw money, you can slyly take down your enemies with their guards down. This will reward you with Caps and XP.

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