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How To Get And Evolve Skrelp To Dragalge In Pokemon Shield

Want to get and evolve Skrelp in Isle of Armor? Then follow this guide to know how to do it.

Many returning Pokemon (more than a hundred) can be found in the Isle of Armor DLC, including Kingdra and Skrelp. Check out this article to know how to get Kingdra or evolve it from Seadra. In this guide, though, we will focus on Skrelp. Read on to know how to find Skrelp in Isle of Armor and how to evolve Skrelp as well.

Skrelp in Pokemon Shield – Location and How to Evolve

Those who are playing Pokemon Sword can only get Skrelp through trading. Only Shield players will be able to find and evolve Skrelp since its exclusive to it.

Those with Pokemon Shield can locate Skrelp at the Honeycalm Sea, Honeycalm Island, Insular Sea, Stepping-Stone Sea and Workout Sea. There is no constraint related to weather to find it in Shield. Since the ocean is vast, it will take some time to spot a Skrelp but try looking in the Workout Sea first. There is a 5% chance of Skrelp spawning there when the weather is normal.

It is a really rare Pokemon so you need a lot of patience in order to get it. What you need to do is use your bike to keep looking for it but there are no fixed conditions you should be looking for.

How to Evolve

When your Skrelp reaches level 48, it will evolve into a Dragalge. Dragalge is a Poison/Dragon type Pokemon with poison-based attacks. With Poison Point, any contact with it will lead to poisoning of the enemy. With Poison Touch, Dragalge will also attack the foe with poison upon contact.


So, this is everything on how to catch and evolve Skrelp in Pokemon Shield. While you are here, find out how to change weather in Isle of Armor, how to get Pokemon to follow you and how to unlock cram-o-matic too.