How To Change Weather In Isle Of Armor (Pokemon Sword And Shield)

Looking for the Sandstorm date in Isle of Armor? Or how to get a Thunderstorm? Get your answers in this Pokemon Sword and Shield guide.

Some Pokemon will be available to catch based on the weather. During certain weather conditions, you can ensure that the Pokemon you are looking for will reveal themselves. For example, the Kingdra can be found when there’s a thunderstorm happening. Now, you can either choose to wait for that weather or you can take matters in your own hands. In this guide, we will explain how to change weather in Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor.

Choose Weather in Isle of Armor

The steps to change the weather in Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor is just like how you did for the Wild Area. Go to the Settings of your Nintendo Switch > Select the System tab > Choose the Date and Time. For Isle of Armor, you need to know certain specific dates to make sure that the weather changes as per your wishes. Here they are:

  • Normal weather: March 15, September 15/ November 15
  • Overcast/Cloudy weather: February 15
  • Rainy: April 15/ June 15
  • Thunderstorm: July 15/ August 15
  • Foggy weather: January 15/ October 15
  • Harsh Sunlight: May 15/ December 15

Disable the clock sync with the internet, then go ahead and manipulate the date and time. This will make things much easier for you in the game. In the original game, the weather could be changed by switching the dates to the first of various months but in this case, it needs to be set to the 15th.

Now, if you are looking for Isle of Armor Sandstorm Date, then unfortunately it is random and there is no specific date you can input. Plus, the snow or snowstorm weathers will not be there in Isle of Armor because it is a tropical island.

So, this is everything about changing weather in Isle of Armor. For more tips on this game, check out our Pokemon Sword and Shield guides right away.