Apex Legends: How To Enter The Secret Bunker in Kings Canyon

By Nikita
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Did you know that there is a secret bunker in Kings Canyon? After the massive overhaul that the map received in Apex Legends Season 5, a reddit user with a keen eye has found a landing spot that will get you a legendary revive shield – every single time. In this guide, you will know how to reach and enter the secret bunker in Kings Canyon as well as how to get your hands on the shield.

Where is the Secret Bunker in Kings Canyon?

While everyone is trying to find the perfect landing spot in Kings Canyon, this Reddit user, named Damon388, has located a secret locked bunker in the Broken Coast. See it below.

Unlike this player, some players have even landed on top and jumped down to the bunker. Be careful though, you don’t want to fall to your death. You need to ensure that you land in the gap accurately.

Just found there is a way to get to a locked bunker. There is also always a legendary revive shield there. from apexlegends

To get to the secret bunker, drop at this location perfectly. This place might be familiar to those who have noticed it in Loba’s gameplay trailer. If you recognize it from there – good eyes!

So, once you land on it, you will see a charge tower right in front of you. Now, turn right and walk straight ahead. There will be a door that you need to open. Walk in and get yourself a legendary knockdown shield. After you grab the shield, go back to the middle of the hallway. Use the touch pad on the wall and find your way up. You will come out of this bunker this way.

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While this bunker was a well-kept secret, many players could get their hands on a legendary item quite early in the game. But once this news spreads like wildfire, it won’t be as secret anymore. So, make the most of this right away. This bunker will be a much sought-after location only for some time.

What are the other changes made to Kings Canyon?

Respawn Entertainment have made major changes to the map. Skull Town has been destroyed and now there are new structures adorning Kings Canyon. The Reclaimed Forest is thriving. New and useful elements called Charge Towers have been added. There’s a zipline balloon and a new POI called Salvage. Find out more details about what’s new in Kings Canyon in our guide.

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