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Apex Legends Season 5 – Kings Canyon Map Updates

Major changes in the Kings Canyon Map

The original Kings Canyon map is coming back to Apex Legends in Season 5. For the first two weeks of Apex Legends Season 5 launch, Kings Canyon map will be the only map available to play. So this is the time for players to explore all the changes in the map. Let’s take a look at the map guide for Kings Canyon right here.

Kings Canyon Map Guide Apex Legends


These are some of the important and major updates to this map in Apex Legends Season 5.

The Broken Coast

Skull Town and Thunderdome have now sunk and the Broken Coast now covers the area from Octane’s Gauntlet to Water Treatment. A new point of interest is added, called Salvage, which is basically an industrial rig with the Leviathan skull hanging. There will be high-tier loot located in this area. You can use the zipline balloon to move from Salvage to Gauntlet, which is awesome. If you carefully look at the Broken Coast, you will see an underground network from where Loba came through. Be sure to explore this area completely.


Offshore Rig


The Relay and Wetlands have been replaced. Now, the Offshore Rig will connect the Capacitor, the broken Relay and Swamps. If you drop here, you will get a route that will be packed with loot. Respawn reworked this area of the map and added more playable space to provide more attention to it and it looks like it will definitely do the trick. There will be a lot of opportunities for loot and rotation in the Capacitor. There will be paths from the Capacitor to the Singh labs, from the Rig to the central river and also one from the Relay to the Reclaimed Forest.


Not just this, there will also be some camps near the Capacitor which will allow players to take a breather and re-stock prior to moving back into high-traffic areas.

Reclaimed Forest



The Reclaimed Forest has regrown from Nesting Grounds and now boasts of more “verticality”, as per the developers. The Singh labs exterior will also be a good landing spot for players.

Charge Towers


These Charge Towers are going to be incredibly useful. When players interact with these, they can trigger a blast which will restore the ultimate of every Legend on the Charge Tower platform. This makes way for a brand new wave of strategies for squads which will be interesting to see. These Charge Towers are glowing pillars and they exist all over Kings Canyon.

Apart from these major map changes, Respawn has also made some small changes to the map which they want the players to find out themselves as they play and explore.

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