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How To Use Charge Towers in Apex Legends Season 5?

Find out all about the new Charge Towers

Apex Legends Season 5 is here and with it, it has brought some major changes and updates. There are map changes, a new character named Loba and also, new Charge Towers. In this guide, you will know what are Charge Towers in Apex Legends 5 and how to use them.

Apex Legends: Charge Tower Guide


Before understanding how to use Charge Towers in Apex Legends, let’s first take a look at what these new Charge Towers are. They are basically charging stations that will give any Legend standing on the platform full Ult charge. It’s an important tool that can help you recharge your Ultimate and to ensure your squad-mate gets it as well. These Charge Towers will have a golden glow and can be located in various parts of the map. With the Charge Towers, you can effectively boost your Ultimate ability and therefore, give you an advantage in the game.

How Do Charge Towers Work?

Players need to interact with the Charge Tower’s control panel, which you will find at its base. Doing this will trigger a blast that will give you and everyone on the platform a recharge. Your powerful Ultimate ability will be fully charged and you can use it instantly. Note that if you have enemies standing on the platform, they will get it too. So strategize accordingly to make sure that the enemies don’t wipe you out.


Where To Find Charge Towers in Apex Legends?

If you are wondering what is the location of Charge Towers in Apex Legends, then here’s your answer. They are scattered all over King’s Canyon map. During your match, if you come across a glowing gold tower, that’s the Charge Tower you can use. You can also drop in The Rig part of the map to get access to quite a few Charge Towers located there.

So this is how you can effectively find and use Charge Towers in Apex Legends. Do check out the Kings Canyon map updates and more Apex Legends guides to give you an edge in the game.