How To Eat Food In The Survivalists

You will want to eat food to survive in The Survivalists. Make sure to check out how to eat food and gather food items in The Survivalists

Eating Food in Survivalists is pretty important and there’s a vast area to discover and danger along with hunger might strike at any time. Just like in real life it is absolutely important to know how to eat in this survival adventure. Check out here on how to eat food in The Survivalists.

How To Eat Food In The Survivalists

There’s a lot of comparison between the survival adventure game The Survivalists and real life, there are tons of real-life connections that you can make and all of these depend on how good of a forager you are.

Eating food is easy, but finding it can be a bit of a challenge as there aren’t any fast food joints in the game that you can just hop over to and get your favorite meals.

how to eat food in the survivalists

When you start off in The Survivalists, you will be placed on the first island which has bountiful berries. Make sure to stock up on them as they will be your primary source of energy while you’re still exploring.

While berries are amazing, they’re not as nutritious as other items like a well-cooked meat dish in The Survivalists and for that, you will need to hunt or go fishing. To eat food all you have to do is find edible things in the game.

Place the food item in an item slot at the bottom of the screen and then scroll with your mouse button until it gets selected. All that remains is to click the mouse button and you will have consumed the before mentioned food item

That’s all there is to eat food, gathering food, however, might take some time but if you’re completely new to the game you can check out how you can catch fish right here.

The Survivalists has plenty of real-life instances but the game often goes on a different tangent like training monkeys to do your bidding and if you want to know how to train monkeys in The Survivalists, then check this guide out.