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How To Defeat Swamp Hive In Serious Sam 4

Easily defeat the hive in Serious Sam 4.

Swamp Hive is a large spider-like boss that players will encounter in Serious Sam 4. It is pink colored with a bloody mouth. Beating Swamp Hive in the game will grant an achievement named Remote Debugger. To progress in the game and get the achievement, it is important to defeat Swamp Hive in Serious Sam 4. But this can be a little challenging considering the huge health amount of the boss. In this Serious Sam 4 boss guide, we will enlist all the tips and tricks that can help you defeat the boss.

How to Beat Swamp Hive in Serious Sam 4


The boss fight against Swamp Hive has two major phases. In both the phases, Swamp Hive will use his two attacks and try to kill you. The two attacks that he uses are hitting with his legs and spawning little creatures called beetles. After the completion of the final phase, the boss will constantly attack you until one of you are defeated and killed.

beat swamp hive in serious sam 4

You need to kill all the beetles before getting to Swamp Hive. As mentioned earlier, the boss has a huge health amount. Hence, you need to equip the most powerful weapons during the fight. Your first choice should be the combination of AS-24 Devastator and XPML21 Rocket Launcher. If you don’t have these weapons, your secondary choice can be XM214-A Minigun and XL2 Lasergun. You can dual-wield weapons to use the combination easily.


In the end, the best weapon is what you can handle effortlessly. So depending on your game style, choose the weapon that you think will be the best suit for you that can help you defeat Swamp Hive in Serious Sam 4.

Apart from the weapons, you should also consider taking some gadgets. For instance, the H.E.A.R.T gadget will revive you, in case the need be.

Those were all the tips that can come in handy to defeat Swamp Hive in Serious Sam 4. Once you have defeated Swamp Hive, you can progress further to complete all the chapters in Serious Sam 4 and quickly beat the game.