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How To Easily Dual-Wield Weapons In Serious Sam 4

You can dual-wield weapons in Serious Sam 4 after upgrading S.A.M Skills in Serious Sam 4. Check out weapons that you can dual wield in Serious Sam 4 here

Duel-Wield in Serious Sam 4 will help you kill twice the amount of enemies with twice the firepower and might. It looks and feels exactly how you picture it in your head and is one of the best parts of the game. If you want to know how to dual-wield weapons in Serious Sam 4, this guide will show you exactly that.

How To Dual-Wield Weapons In Serious Sam 4


Why not have twice the amount of carnage and fun when you can, Serious Sam 4 is among the few games that will allow you to Dual Wield weapons in the game. It is twice as much fun but you won’t get the option from the beginning and you will have to unlock it.

When you start the game, you will have one S.A.M skill point and you will need to farm more, you can do this by collecting the weird purple orbs and then investing in the specific category in the skill tree.

The first dual-wield perk will allow you to be able to wield two pistols at the same time, this looks and feels absolutely amazing and with each skill upgrade, you can move on to bigger weapons.


dual wield weapon upgrade serious sam 4

After pistols, you will be able to dual-wield average weapons in the game, like pump-action shotguns and assault rifles. Upgrading further will help you double wield heavy weapons like rocket launchers and grenade launchers.

Finally, the last dual-wield skill will give you the ability to mix and match whatever weapons that you wish to in Serious Sam 4. This will be key as using dual-weapons means that you will empty out ammo twice as fast and this can be a disastrous thing in Serious Sam 4.


You can dual-wield weapons by pressing the left-alt key on your keyboard and if you have maxed out the upgrades in the dual-wield category you can mix and match weapons by pressing Q on your keyboard.

There is a drawback as you won’t be able to zoom in or use alt-fire when dual-wielding weapons in Serious Sam 4. This is all there is to know about how to dual-wield weapons in Serious Sam 4, make sure to check out all the cheat codes in Serious Sam 4.