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Serious Sam 4 Cheats Guide: All Cheat Codes & How to Use Serious Sam 4 Cheats

Here's a complete list of Serious Sam 4 Cheat Codes.

Are you looking for Serious Sam 4 cheats? If your answer is YES then you are at the right place. We all know how useful cheats are in video games and that’s the reason why have compiled a list of Serious 4 Sam cheat codes to make the game easier.

All Serious Sam 4 cheat codes that we have mentioned below can be used from the beginning. Before you use any cheat in Serious Sam 4, you should know that you would not be able to unlock any achievement and get onto leaderboards, if use any cheats.

If you are fine with that then this guide will show you a complete list of Serious Sam 4 cheat and what they do.

Serious Sam 4 Cheat Codes

cht_bEnableCheats=1Enable cheats
cht_bEnableCheats=0Disable cheats
cht_bAutoAimEnables auto aim
cht_bGodEnables god mode
cht_bFlyAllows you to fly
cht_bGhostNo clip
cht_bTurboIncreases your speed
cht_bInfiniteAmmoGives you infinite ammo
cht_bGiveAllGives you all weapons and maximum ammo
chtGiveAmmo()Gives you ammo for the specified weapon
chtGiveWeapon()Gives you the specified weapon
ch_slGiveArmorGives you armor in the amount you specify
cht_slGiveHealthGives you health
cht_slGiveSkillPointsGives you skill points
cht_slResetSkillsResets your unlocked skills
chtClearGameProgress()Starts a new game
chtJumpToChapter()Starts the specified chapter
chtJumpToFirstChapter()Starts the first chapter
chtJumpToNextChapter()Starts the next chapter
chtJumpToNextLevel()Starts the next level
cht_bInfiniteStaminaGives you inifinite stamina
cht_bInvisibleMakes you invisible
cht_bKillAllKills all enemies
cht_bKillBossKills the boss
cht_bPassThroughPlasmaWallsAllows you to pass through plasma walls
cht_bUnlockMentalModeUnlocks Mental Mode

How to use Serious Sam 4 Cheat Codes?

In order to use Serious Sam 4 cheat codes, you will have to press ~ (tilde, the key to the left of 1), then enter “cht”. As soon as you enter the code, the game will showcase a list of all cheat codes that you can use, and you can cycle through it by pressing Tab.

It is to be noted that the majority of commands have a default value – 0 means “off”, while 1 means “on”. Sometimes, it is likely that you need to enter an amount or an ordinal number, so practice with commands untill you get it right.

When you get it wrong, the game will show you a message telling you that you have made a mistake.