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How Long To Beat Serious Sam 4

Know how many hours you have to invest to beat Serious Sam 4.

Developed by Croteam and published by Devolver Digital Serious Sam 4 is the fourth instalment of the action-packed Serious Sam franchise. The game has been released on 24th September 2020 and fans are already loving the game. There are some players out there who want to know how long to beat Serious Sam 4 so that they can work there schedule around and see if they can complete it at a single go or they will have to try hard to beat the game. If you are wondering about how long to beat Serious Sam 4, we are here to answer just that, just keep reading this guide and the answer will be there for you.

Serious Sam 4: How Long to Beat


Serious Sam has a total of 15 levels to complete the game. Some of the levels can be completed well within a few minutes while some others can take an hour or so. Hence, calculating the time for how long to beat Serious Sam 4 actually depends on all this and various other factors such as how well are you in playing the game or how many times you die to complete a single level.

The game also sports multiple difficulty levels. Some of the difficulty levels in Serious Sam 4 includes Tourist, Normal, Hard, Serious, and I am Ugh-Zan, to name a few. The heath, speed, and attack of enemies increases as you switch to any higher difficulty. Therefore, the difficulty level can also impact the answer to the question of how long to beat Serious Sam 4.

The game has also introduced an optional objectives section. Taking part and completing these objectives can give rewards which can prove to be useful in other fights. If you take on these objectives, then there are chances that you will take some more time than others who are not participating in these optional objectives.


If we calculate on an average, then completing Serious Sam 4 can take around 10 hours on normal difficulty. However, as mentioned earlier depending on multiple factors, the answer to how long to beat Serious Sam 4 can fluctuate highly.

That’s how long it takes to beat Serious Sam 4. But you will only be able to beat it if you can join the game and play it seamlessly. Serious Sam 4 is giving some headache to players due to its shuttering issues. If you face the same issue, you need to first fix the shuttering issue to be able to play the game and beat it.