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How to defeat Security Droid in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Defeating the Tin box

Security Droid is another strong enemy that will face in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order after the Purge Trooper. Both are strong and not easy to take down, but there is an combat trick that can ease  your fight. Defeating the Security Droid is similar to defeating Purge Trooper in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The technique for both is same, but the issue with Security Droid is that once it grabs you, you cannot release yourself. There is where you have to think fast.

How to defeat Security Droid?


Security Droid is an tall enemy with more range to attack, when it turn red it will grab and thrash you on the ground. This is where you have to evade really fast when you see the droid turning completely red. Similar to Purge Trooper, Security Droid can block your attacks, so here is what you have to do.

First block the droids attack and then when it is stunned for a while use combos. Evade fast to run out of the attack range and then try back the same thing. You have to block his attacks first, and then use combos on the droid, otherwise there is no window .If you try to attack non-stop it will grab and thrash you on the floor.

Also use Force to slow down the enemy, this will help you a lot. With few right combo hits you can defeat the Security Droid and use the same strategy on Purge Trooper as well on the Security Droid to defeat them. They will be frequent on certain levels. You will notice when you block its attack the Droid goes out of balance for a while, and here you can release some fast combos to drain out her health.


Good luck defeating the Security Droid.