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How to Defeat Purge Trooper in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Tips to defeat him

Purge Trooper in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is an very strong opponent who yields a dual spear, this attacks can throw you down easily and he is also capable enough to block all your attacks. Purge Trooper will block your way on Kashyyy and this Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order combat tips guide you can learn how to defeat him easily.

How to defeat the Purge Trooper?


First thing stay away the Purge Trooper turns red, this attacks are unblockable and you will loose your health really fast. Whenever you see him turning red and charging at full speed to attack evade by pressing circle or press it twice to roll. Avoid the attack at all cost, if you are caught in this he will pi you down.

Second first block and then attack. Wait for the Purge Trooper to come near you, when attacks block it which will stun him for a very short while. Press Square a basic attack, and if you had unlocked additional moved through skills use them. Always block first before you attack and then evade back, because he can restore himself really fast. Use Force to slow him down and then attack.

But your few combat attacks is good enough to drain his health down, Purge Trooper has two health bars on top of his head. When the first is drained the second one begins to fall. A little patience and swiftness is required here to deal with this type of enemy. Always be ready to evade, and avoid the read attacks at all cost.


Good luck defeating the Purge Trooper.