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How to defeat Floopsnoot Matriarch Boss in Journey to the Savage Planet

Unlock Blight Bomb Stabilizer

Floopsnoot Matriarch is a tough boss in Journey to the Savage Planet. In it located in Lair of the Matriarch which you will face during the main mission Fun with Corrosives. To defeat Floopsnoot Matriarch do level up a bit by consuming Orange God fruit and upgrade your Nomad Pistol. Jump Thrusters and Launch Booster both upgrades are required to defeat Floopsnoot Matriarch in Journey to the Savage Planet. Here is the detailed guide on how to deal with this boss. Defeating Floopsnoot Matriarch will give you access to a shrine from where you can collect fluid to craft Blight Bomb.

How to defeat Floopsnoot Matriarch Boss in Journey to the Savage Planet

Defeating Floopsnoot Matriarch will unlock The Caustic Altar shrine from where you can collect a sample for Blight Bomb Stabilizer. An upgrade that will allow you to carry Blight Bombs. Floopsnoot Matriarch is a huge boss that can hide its weak points, similar to Cragclaw Boss you will have to shoot down the glowing eggs on his body. But this boss in Journey to the Savage planet is not like the previous one, you will face a lot of challenges from Boomerang Hermit and the boss will attack with its slimy tentacles. So here is what you have to do to take down Floopsnoot Matriarch.

Floopsnoot Matriarch is located inside a cave in Journey to the Savage Planet. It has one big eye, after shooting it the Boss fight begins. After it closes the eye, look for glowing yellow eggs around his body. There are holes all over and glowing golden egg will randomly appear anywhere. You have to use the platforms around the cave to jump over and shoot the eggs. In between, you will also have to protect yourself from the tentacles and Boomerang Hermit. This cave has a health potion plant on the lowest floor.

Tips to kill Floopsnoot MatriarchJourney to the Savage Planet Floopsnoot Matriarch

Wave 1 – Destroy 6 Glowing Eggs on its body: Floopsnoot Matriarch has a huge health bar with three sections. After attacking the eye destroy the glowing egg on its left. Watch out for the Boomerang Hermits they will directly crash into you. Shoot them down from a distance. The second glowing egg will be on its right. Utilize the platforms on the left and right to jump to go near to the boss to get a clear shot of glowing weak parts of Floopsnoot Matriarch. There will be in total six glowing eggs to destroy around this body. For some, you will have to climb up.

Wave 2 – Destroy 6 Glowing Eggs, three covered in Amber: In the second wave things will be tough. Among  6 eggs, 3 will be covered in amber. You will have to grab the green goo from the plants around and throw it first to reveal the weak spot. Then shoot it down to empty Floopsnoot Matriarch’s health bar.

Wave 3 – Destroy 6 Glowing Eggs, all are covered in Amber: To start the final wave attack the big eye of the monster with green goo. Once again you have to target all 6 weak spots one by one but they all are covered. What you can do is first grab the green goo and attack the eggs to reveal itself in yellow. Then you can run around with speed and start shooting them one by one.

After completing all three waves finally attack the monster eye, use the green goo here. This is how you can defeat Floopsnoot Matriarch boss in Journey to the Savage Planet. Jump on the floor and enter the cave to visit The Caustic Altar shrine. Grab the fluid sample return back to Javelin. Use the 3D printer to craft Blight Bomb.