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How To Deal With Barbarians In Civilization 6

These Barbarians are annoying as well as beneficial.

In Civilization VI’s early game, Barbarians can be quite a problem to the player. They are the first enemies that you will face and all they want to do is raid civilizations and capture those in it. As you progress, these Barbarians will fade away and you will have newer enemies. In this Civilization 6 guide, you will find out how to deal with Barbarians when you are in the initial part of the game.

How To Deal With Barbarians in Civilization VI

What these Barbarians will do is they will send scouts first. If a scout comes to know of a city, he will go back to his camp to inform others. A red exclamation mark will indicate that a scout has spotted your city. When the scout returns, he will summon a war party which is bad news for the player. These Barbarians could appear on foot, with horses or even in boats. Any which way they arrive, they can definitely hinder your progress in the game. Barbarians can attack your city and pillage the improvements you have made, so beware.

To avoid this, you can send your military troops to follow and kill the scout. Or keep the troops near your border to catch the scout and finish him. In this way, the message won’t reach their camp and you won’t get any Barbarian troops from there. You can eventually take the battle to their camp where you can clear it and solve the problem. Note that Barbarian camps will spawn in random locations concealed by the Fog of War.

When you fight with Barbarians though, you will gain some experience and technologies that will be very useful to you in the game. This is why even though they are an annoyance, you can utilize them to be beneficial towards you. You can get this advantage if you let that scout convey the message to the camp leading to them coming towards you in some time. You must catch them at a distance from your settlement and take them out quickly. That’s because in case you end up getting another scout, there’s a chance that you will be overwhelmed. So, plan in a way that you are able to gain experience as well as destruct the attacking Barbarians.

Tips To Deal With Barbarians

Players can fight them off with warriors or other military units. Make sure to protect the civilian units like builders and settlers from the Barbarians because they will be captured. So it’s essential to guard your borders and focus on not letting them do harm to your civilization. If you take them lightly, then their number is highly likely to lead to your loss.

You can also utilize your scouts to keep an eye on the Barbarian camps and take them down. Whichever strategy you decide, make sure to eventually destroy a Barbarian outpost because it will give you more gold in the treasury. Plus, you gain respect for your civilization by doing this and you can befriend city-states through this as well.

All in all, you will be greatly rewarded for destroying Barbarians and their camps. This is everything on how to deal with Barbarians in Civilization 6. Keep reading our guides on How To Play For The Gran Colombian Faction and How To Play For The Maya Faction In Civilization VI.