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How to Play for the Gran Colombian Faction in Civ 6

Gran Colombian Guide

The recently released Civilization 6 Season Pass: New Frontier Pass includes two new factions: Maya and Gran Colombian. In this article, we will discuss the Gran Colombian faction in Civ 6.

Unique Perks of Gran Colombian in Civ 6

We will start our Gran Colombian guide with perks. They are the following:

  • Echersito Patriota raises movement points for all units of Gran Colombian. At the same time, increasing the unit does not lead to the completion of the move.
  • Simon Bolivar’s Unique Ability. It provides Gran Colombian the Commander-in-Chief at each transition to a new era.
  • There are two different unique units. Commander General is an experienced commander with unique active and passive skills. And the units of Llanero replace cavalry. They are easier to maintain, they receive a combat bonus for each llanero nearby, and also completely restore HP every time a nearby commandant general activates one of his skills.
  • Hacienda building. It provides enhanced production, gold, and housing. You also get a food bonus for every nearby plantation.

The commandant general has a passive bonus that adds 5 combat strength and 1 to the movement of all ground units located within two units regardless of the era. In this aspect, he differs from the usual Great General, whose passive bonuses can be limited to a certain era.

Starting Position

The search for a starting location is one of the most serious trials of Gran Colombian. This civilization has a hacienda, the effectiveness of which increases if there are other hacienda or plantations nearby. Thus, if at the starting location there are not enough resources to create plantations, then you simply miss the opportunity to get the most out of this unique building. Do not be lazy, restart the game as many times as needed to find a place where you can create as many plantations as possible. To improve production capacity, it is advisable to choose a starting point on a hill or near a river.


The religious units of Greater Colombia get +1 to move but keep in mind that civilization itself is suitable for domination, not religious victory. When you are offered the choice of the pantheon, try Religious settlements which give + 15% to the speed of expanding borders. Or, as an option you can choose God of blacksmithing which gives a bonus + 25% to the construction of ancient combat units.


Although it is the dominant civilization, decent benefits can be derived from the use of Amani or Magnus.

Wonders of the World

You need to pay attention to the following:

  • Terracotta army provides an additional level for all available units and no need for the right of passage for all your archaeologists when moving through foreign lands.
  • Alhambra gives +2 to contentment, +2 points of the great commander per turn, +1 slot for a military-political course, and bonuses for defense buildings like a fort. However, this Miracle can only be built on a hill near a military camp.

These were the most important new features of Gran Colombian. Learn them and you will be able to win. While you are here, check out how to get amenities in Civ 6.