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How To Play For The Maya Faction In Civilization 6

Civilization VI Maya Guide

The recently released DLC for the global Civilization 6 strategy has added two new civilizations to the game: Maya and Gran Colombia. In addition, the DLC added new cities, resources, wonders of the world, and the Apocalypse mode. In this Civilization 6 guide, we will consider how to play for Maya.

How to Play For the Maya Faction in Civilization 6

Unique Maya Perks

Maya perks include the following:

  • Maya’s global unique ability. Maya improves house construction and farm productivity, provides a convenient bonus for luxurious resources located near the central part of the city. You will not receive housing bonuses if the settlement is near fresh water or on the coast.
  • The unique ability of the Sixth Heaven. Ix Mutual Ajaw provides a bonus to all ordinary cities (not capitals) and combat units that are six cells from the capital.
  • Unique Squad Hulche. These are reinforced archers that deal increased damage when attacking wounded targets.

Start Position Selection

The unique Maya perks are significantly different from those that were provided to them in Civilization 5. Then it was a high-level civilization. Now you will need to choose locations wisely. Thanks to the ability of Ix Mutual Ajaw of Sixth Heaven, you need to try to keep your cities as close to the capital as possible. Otherwise, you will get less crop. Therefore, you will have to create fewer cities, but with a large settlement, and avoid situations where cities are scattered in different parts of the map.

Religion and Pantheon

It is advisable to choose religious settlements that provide free citizens. In addition, God’s spark will also be useful, which provides the generation of great scientists.


Magnus would be the best choice for Maya in Civilization 6. One of his perks provides extra food for having a trade route from a minor city to the capital. Another perk allows you to recruit settlers from the designated city without reducing the population. Pingala, who has additional abilities related to science and culture, can be appointed the second governor.

Maya’s Wonders of the World in Civilization 6

The most important are the following ones:

  • The Colosseum is a surprisingly effective Wonder of the World for Maya because it gives a bonus of loyalty and amenities for cities located within 6 tiles.
  • Sankore. You will receive a bonus to science and faith from internal trade routes. It’s quite difficult to get this one because desert tiles are required near the observatory. And you don’t need them when building desert farms.

Minor ones are the following:

  • Hanging Gardens. They provide an opportunity to increase the growth of all cities at an early stage of the game.
  • The Library and Oxford University provide additional bonuses to science and points of Great scientists.

Maya is quite a powerful fraction, which is suitable for playing at a high level of complexity. They have all the necessary tools to protect the city and use the tactics of creating a smaller number of densely populated settlements.

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