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Far Cry 6: How To Change Weapons?

Change and swap weapons using some simple methods.

It is pretty easy to change and swap weapons in Far Cry 6. This will allow you to quickly switch up your tactics on the go and get you out of tough situations with ease. I mean, you obviously won’t take out a sniper with a pistol at long range, will you? So, scroll down and find out how to change and swap weapons on the go in FC6.

How to change and swap weapons in Far Cry 6?


Far Cry 6 Change Weapons: How To Change & Equip Arsenal Equipment

To change between weapons you will have to click Triangle on PlayStation or Y on Xbox. This will bring out a rotary dial that showcases all the weapons that you have currently equipped. To do the same on PC, you will have to click the Q key to bring up the weapon wheel. In fact, it is easy to cycle through weapons on PC as they have specific keybinds for the same. These are:

First Primary Weapon 6
Second Primary Weapon 7
Third Primary Weapon (Resolver Weapon) 8
Sidearm 9


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If you want to change your gear and weapon loadout in Far Cry 6, you will have to go to Arsenal. This can be brought up by hitting the Options button on PlayStation and Xbox. For PC, you can pause the game by clicking on Esc and opening the pause menu.

Now, head over to the Arsenal tab using the bumper keys on your controller and direction keys for PC. Once here, you will be able to swap out and change any primary weapons you want. You will also be able to add charms and other such components to your weapons.


This is everything you need to know about how to change weapons in Far Cry 6. While you are here, you can also have a look at the complete list of Amigos in the game.