How To Change Race In Grand Piece Online (GPO)

Tired of being a human in Grand Piece Online? Time for you to change your race.

Wondering if there is any way for you to change your race in Grand Piece Online (GPO)? There actually are two methods that are surprisingly quite straightforward. But since there are only 5 races in the game and the chances to get the one you want aren’t equal. The last thing that you would want is to reroll when you got the perfect species. So here is everything that you should know about them.

How to Change your Race in GPO

Change Race Grand Piece Online GPO

There are only 2 ways to change your race in Grand Piece Online. The first method is by spending 50 Robux on the customization menu. Alternatively, you can also look up any new GPO codes that allow race rerolls. After redeeming them, based on the code you will get to reroll your character’s race different number of times. Below are all the current races in the game and the chance you have of getting them:

  • Human: 74%
  • Skypian: 15%
  • Fishman: 5%
  • Mink: 5%
  • Cyborg: 1% (New)

Here are the benefits of all the different races in the game.


Human race doesn’t have any benefits or appearance changes in this game. It is best you reroll your race whenever you get the opportunity. Since it even has a high reroll chance you may have to roll quite a lot to get another race.


In terms of appearance, as a Skypian your character gets wings of varying sizes. But their size doesn’t affect your speed or fall damage at all.

This race has one benefit and that is you take 50% less fall damage. But you first have to learn this skill from the NPC in Skypiea island (Land of the Sky).


If your character is a Fishman there is a lot of room for appearance changes. You can have features like Shark Fins, Saw shark noses, Head fins, and more.

There are plenty of benefits in being a Fishman. For example, Sharks won’t attack you as often. If you don’t have a Devil fruit you can swim faster and hold your breath for 2 minutes. But if you are a DF user you can stay alive in water for longer.


Just like being a Fishman, for being a Mink you get several appearance options. These include changes like having ears and tails of various animals.

As for the racial benefits you have 10% more stamina. You get a bonus stun passive for the Electro fighting style. This even allows you to electrify the Golden Staff even if you don’t have the Goro Goro no Mi Devil fruit.


This is probably the coolest-looking race in terms of appearance. You can have things like various machines attached to your body like a Cyborg Visor, a partial Cyborg face, etc.

And for abilities, you get to learn the Cyborg Fighting Style which upon training lets you further enhance your attack, defense, or stamina.

That’s all you need to know about the races in Grand Piece Online (GPO) and how to change them. For more such guides on this game check out our GPO section.