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How To Catch A Giant Stag In ACNH Easily

Here's how you can catch a Giant Stag in Animal Crossing New Horizons easily.

If you want to catch this rare bug, you have to follow certain steps. That’s because the Giant Stag will flee if you make a mistake! So here’s a quick guide on how to catch a Giant Stag in ACNH. Additionally, find out its months of availability based on hemispheres, active hours, selling price and spawn location on your island.


Animal Crossing New Horizons Giant Stag

If your island is in the Northern Hemisphere, you can grab this bug from July to August. If it is in the south then, you can get it from January to February. The specific spawn timings are from 11 pm to 8 am but there are no weather conditions that you need to look for. But since the major part of its active hours are during the night, it might get slightly difficult to spot it due to its dark color.

You must look for it on trees because they only spawn there, much like the Golden Stag and Rainbow Stag. Note that this bug can be found on any tree and not just Coconut trees. Unfortunately, this will widen your search for the Giant Stag but it isn’t extremely difficult.

It’s quite a rare bug so selling it will get you 10,000 Bells. Apart from selling, you can also donate it to Blathers Museum.


Steps to catch this bug

  • Make sure to be prepared and equip your net before approaching the Giant Stag.
  • Walk towards it while holding the A button. Slow and steady.
  • As soon as you are close enough, release the A button and swing the net.
  • The bug will be caught in your net and a capture quote will appear.

That is all about catching the Giant Stag in ACNH. Check out more of our bug-catching guides about the Horned Atlas, Blue Weevil Beetle, Walking Stick and more.