How To Block In Street Fighter 6

Practicing for a good defense? Here is our guide on how you can Block in Street Fighter 6.

In high-octane games like SF6, players can feel like landing as many punches as they can is their only way to have an advantage over their opponents. This might be true to some extent but mastering some good defense skills can also help you in your intense fights. A good block executed properly and on time can negate damage. And while blocking attacks may sound like the easiest thing you have heard, there are many things to remember while performing one. Here is our guide explaining how you can perform a Block in Street Fighter 6.

How to Block in Street Fighter 6

block in sf6

To perform a Block in SF6 you will have to hold away from the opponent attack i.e. Back or Down-Back. These are divided into standing and crouching. Players will have to use them according to their opponent’s attacks.

While performing a Standing Block you can defend yourself from upper-body/jump attacks. Crouching ones will help you when your foe uses crouch attacks. You won’t be able to perform a Block while jumping or while getting hit by your opponent as the character won’t be able to move. If timed accurately, you can also block a throw from your opponent by pressing Light Punch + Light Kick together.

Players will also want to keep their eyes on Drive Gauge. Every time you Block an attack from your opponent your gauge will decrease. Once it is depleted, your character will enter the Burnout stage. This is where exhaustion will set in and your character won’t be able to land his attacks properly. This will give your opponent a massive advantage over you which is why you should use your Blocks accordingly.

That is everything on how you can block to counter your enemy attacks in SF6. Check out our guides on the best moves and combos for Ryu, Jamie & Chun-Li in the game, and for more guides like these check out our dedicated Street Fighter 6 section right here on Gamer Tweak.