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How To Beat The Thin Man In Little Nightmares 2

Find out how to beat the Thin Man in Little Nightmares 2

Little Nightmares 2 is filled with creepy enemies and gut-wrenching horror. As you progress through the stages you come across different bosses, each scary in their own way. When you are making your way through the stages you will happen upon the silhouette of a really slender man in the background. Though not clearly visible this eery figure sets up a platform for the fourth boss in the game, the Thin Man.


Raised on a keto diet to which the Thin Man owes his sleek figure, he is by far the scariest character in the game. His powers include the ability to manipulate time which makes him a pretty tough customer. Follow the steps in this guide to Beat the Thin Man in Little Nightmares 2.

How To Beat The Thin Man?

Learn how to beat the Thin Man in Little Nightmares 2
Follow this guide to learn how to beat the Thin Man in Little Nightmares 2.

This guide contains spoilers for the end of Little Nightmares 2. Proceed at your own risk.

Around 25% into Chapter 4, The Thin Man appears and kidnaps Six. To rescue Six, Mono has to progress through the level and escape the Thin Man again. After having completed the train part of this Chapter, Mono will slip through the sewer gate and come out on the street. The Thin Man appears in the street and you have to battle him.

To beat him you have to use Mono to tune the Thin Man. Now you just have to mirror the movements of the Thin Man and he will be pushed back. Eventually, the Thin Man will vanish. You will now have to tune the surroundings so that you are transported to a Purple Door.


This is all you need to know about how to beat the Thin Man in Little Nightmares 2. You can also have a look at how to tune TV transmissions and how to solve the Purple door puzzle.