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Little Nightmares 2: How To Solve Purple Door Puzzle in Chapter 5

Here's a quick guide on how to solve the purple door puzzle in Little Nightmares 2.

Little Nightmares 2 has numerous puzzles that have left players scratching their heads for a while. One such puzzle is Purple Door. Those who have solved the Elevator Puzzle in Chapter 4 must be wondering how to solve the Purple Door puzzle in Little Nightmare 2.


The only reason why players have been struggling to solve the Purple Puzzle is there is no visual indicator for when Mono approaches the correct doorway. In this guide, we will walk you through the correct order to reach Little Nightmare 2’s final boss.

Little Nightmares 2: Purple Door Puzzle Solution

Once you have defeated the thin man and entered the Purple Door, you will come across an area looping between the same two doors. In order to escape safely from these doors, you will have to walk to each door and listen to the Lullaby/Song. Make sure to visit the door which has a song playing or else it reset the loop.

Once you escape this area, you will come across yet another area but this time you will have three different doors. Like earlier, approach the door where you can clearly listen to the song and go through it.

The next area that you will be teleported to will have four doorways. As you did earlier, you will have to go through the door which has the song playing but this time you will have to open the door located on the bottom right. Doing this will reset the loop but you will be granted access to the necessary door for your next loop that you will need to go through.

Little Nightmares 2: Purple Door Puzzle Solution


Once the lop resets, go through the doorway located on the top left and then go into the doorway on the top right side of the screen. The next room that you will be teleported to will have seven doors. Before you go to that room, you will need to push over the plank in the middle of the room, allowing Mono to cross the large gap.

After crossing the plank, you will need to head over to the doorway on the left. If you do so, you will be teleported back to the north of the hallway where you will have to go through the first doorway on the left side of the gap.

Now, you will have to climb the final staircase before reaching a hallway with a single door leading you to the game’s final boss.

That’s everything you need to know about to solve the Purple Door puzzle in Little Nightmares 2. While you are here, ensure reading about how to tune TV transmissions and how to blend in with the Wooden children in Little Nightmares 2.