How To Easily Beat Ocean Crawlers in Sea of Thieves

Are Ocean Crawlers in Sea of Thieves causing you trouble? Check here to know the best strategy to beat them

Ocean Crawlers in Sea of Thieves can be really tough enemies to tackle as each other needs a different approach and strategy to take them down. They can be fast, tough, and nimble to defeat but if you know exactly how to tackle each, taking them down becomes a piece of cake. Here’s how you can defeat them in Sea Of Thieves.

How To Beat Ocean Crawlers in Sea of Thieves

There are three types of Ocean Crawlers in Sea of Thieves, Eel-ectric, Crab, and Hermit. Each of these creatures has a different look and ability that make them a formidable opponent in the game. To beat the Eel-ectric ocean crawlers, you will need to use your firearms and keep your distance, to beat Crab ocean crawlers you will need to dodge its attacks and then counter-attack with your sword or firearms. Finally, when in a fight with the Hermit Ocean dodge its charge attack and then follow up with an attack of your own.

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If you get the timing right, taking out the Crab and Hermit Ocean crawlers gets easy, but you will need to be fast and alert to do so, and if you happen to go up against an Eel-ectric Ocean crawlers you will have to maintain distance and then attack it if you absolutely have to.

Ocean Dwellers usually attack you from out of sight as they burrow deep inside the ocean floor and will pounce up on you when you do not expect it.

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The most dangerous of these lot are the Eel-ectric ocean crawlers, if you get near it and try to attack it with your sword it will simply dodge it and attack you as it can be hard to counter it.

If you can simply ignore them and move on, you should do that but if you’re going to engage in a fight then make sure that you know exactly how to beat them.

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