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How To Easily Get Trident Of Dark Tides In Sea Of Thieves

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Trident Of Dark Tides in Sea Of Thieves is a brand new weapon with game-changing capabilities and powers strong enough to destroy anything that stands in your way, but getting this weapon is a bit of a challenge for the uninitiated. If you wish to know how to get your hands on this particular OP weapon in the game, you’ve come to the right place.

How To Get Trident Of Dark Tides In Sea Of Thieves


Trident Of Dark Tides in Sea Of Thieves is a special weapon that you can only get in certain places. You can find it washed up on beaches, in shipwrecks, skeleton ships, or skeleton fort vault, as a reward for defeating Megalodons, Krakens, and finally for completing the “A Pirate’s Life Tall Tales“.

how to get trident of dark tides in sea of thieves

Since this isn’t an ordinary weapon, you won’t be able to carry it and run, neither will you be able to equip another weapon along with it. While it may look like not an attractive weapon to get, it can help you knock opponents off the wheel, or the canon, or even the ships.


It shoots bubbles that explode upon impact and while it might take some time for you to get the timing right with this weapon, mastering it will certainly help you eliminate enemies. There is a little bit of charging delay and you will need to hold down the fire button to do so.

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There are three types of energy bubbles and the more you charge, the more powerful they get.


The first phase has small bubbles that deal 30 damage and you can get up to 30 shots with it, the second phase has larger bubbles but they cause twice as much damage but are only 15 in strength. Finally, for the third and last phase you can only conjure up 10 bubbles but they cause 90 damage and wreck havoc.

Once the Trident of Dark Tides has run out of charges, you won’t be able to use it. So ensure that you plan your attack accordingly, and using smaller bubbles will help you save charges more.

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