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Sea Of Thieves: How to Unlock The Barrel Disguise Emote?

Want to hide in plain sight, We’ll tell you how to unlock Barrel Disguise Emote in Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves takes the action on the waters with ruthless Pirates, Gangs, and multiple quests to become a Legendary Pirate. You can set sail with your friends as well, the number of players you can team up with depends on the type of Ship you choose. Players have to complete voyages for the Trading companies in exchange for gold and XP point which will, in turn, help you reach level 50.

Becoming a Pirate Legend is the ultimate goal and to achieve that, players need to reach level 50 in 3 of the 4 Trading Companies. The tasks will become difficult as the game progresses, so players need to have their inventory stacked and skills handy. Stick till the end to find out how you can unlock the Barrel Disguise Emote in Sea of Thieves.

How to Unlock the Barrel Disguise?

Sea of Thieves Barrel Disguise

The new Season of Sea of Thieves brought a lot of new things for players and one of them was the Barrel Disguise Emote. With the Barrel Disguise, you can hide in plain sight under a barrel and no one would know. To unlock the Barrel Disguise Emote you need to be Level 13, we all know to level up you need to go complete quests. Here is what you can do to Level up Fast in Sea of Thieves.

The fastest way to level up is to hunt down Skeleton ships, you will find many in the open sea. Attacking Skeleton ships will get you many points, but it is also risky as it might affect your health a lot, so be careful when attacking one. We would recommend players to do the Shroudbreaker quest, Once you get the Shroudbreaker skeletons will spawn endlessly until you die or lose the Shroudbreakers.

This is a good opportunity to kill multiple skeletons as they spawn at a distance so they won’t be able to gang up on you. You won’t be getting as many points because you won’t be killing captains, but this will be easier compared to the Skeleton ship. Once you reach Level 13 just go to your Vanity Chest and under the “Emote” menu you will find the Barrel Disguise Emote.

To spot a player hiding under a Barrel remember that Barrels with players won’t move along the movement of the ship and will look bigger compared to other barrels. That’s all you needed to know about The Barrel Disguise Emote, If you want how to find the Captain’s Key in Sea of Thieves do check out the link.